Houston Storage Auctions

If you’re looking for information on storage auctions in Houston, Texas, you’re in the right place. We publish the schedule for every storage auction occurring within the greater Houston area.

Did you know that there are multiple storage auctions occurring almost every day of the week in the Houston area? On average, we provide the schedule for over 300 storage unit auctions every month, including storage auctions that are unavailable on any other website. Our call center directly contacts over 1400 storage facilities in order to provide you with the most reliable and up to date information available in the Houston area.

The map to the right shows our coverage area.

Our storage auction list provides you with the name, address & phone number of the storage facility, the time and date of the storage auction and the number of units scheduled for public sale. We present this list to you in an easy to read, PDF format. You can print out your auction list for the entire week with one click of a button. Click on the image below to view a sample of the auction list.

We realize you don’t want to spend your valuable time doing research. You want to spend your time at the storage auctions looking for some good deals. Our service really is a must have for anyone who wants to attend storage auctions on a regular basis. Let us do all of the research for you. We will save you time and money.

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92 storage facilities are having an auction this week in the greater Houston area.

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