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What Is A Storage Auction?

Storage Auction

Storage unit auctions are the method most storage facilities use to evict tenants who have gotten behind on their payments, recover lost rent and fees and have the property removed from the unit so they can rent the space in the future. Most storage facilities allow a 90 day grace period in which the tenant can get current on their back rent. During this period, the facility attempts to contact the tenant by phone, email, traditional mail and certified letters. Notices of the intent to sell the tenant's property at public auction are placed in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the storage facility is located. If the delinquent tenant does not make a payment by the auction date, the storage unit is sold to the higher bidder. Once the unit is payed for and the purchaser has a bill of sale, the contents of the storage unit are then legally owned by the purchaser. Typically, the purchaser has 48 hours to remove the contents.

Storage Auction Resource Targets Texas

Texas Storage Auction Schedules and News launches a new niche website which provides storage auction schedules for Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin area storage facilities.

Once a relatively unknown industry, storage unit auctions have been brought into the limelight by reality television shows like Auction Hunters and Storage Wars. Storage auctions are now teeming with buyers eager to get their hands on a storage unit. One of the most difficult and time consuming aspects of the storage auction business is finding out where and when the next storage auction is occurring. Today's storage auction buyers aren't clipping ads from the legal notices section of their local newspaper, they're turning to storage auction websites that do all of the research for them.

One of these websites is Texas Storage Auction Schedules & News, which publishes the storage auction schedule for Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Austin area storage facilities. By focusing only on Texas, Texas Storage Auction Schedules and News can provide a more thorough and accurate schedule for it's members. “Storage auction buyers are tired of searching several sources to find storage auction information,” said Travis Lane, owner of Texas Storage Auction Schedules & News. “We believe in doing one thing and doing it well. Our goal is to provide a valuable service that saves storage auction buyers time and provides them with information they couldn't find on their own.” This philosophy seems to be working for Texas Storage Auction Schedules & News. With thousands of new members and plans to expand to the entire state, this local Texas company continues to grow at a record rate.

What makes this website truly unique is how the information is obtained. National websites like AuctionZip and Storage Treasures miss a lot of storage auctions because they rely on the participation of storage facilities and auctioneers. Texas Storage Auction Schedules and News actually seeks out storage auction information by contacting the storage facilities directly. This approach is highly effective, resulting in the most comprehensive storage auction schedule available for these five cities in Texas. This website even provides information on storage auctions that are unavailable on any other website.

The goal, at Texas Storage Auction Schedules and News, is to modernize and unify the storage auction notification process by creating a centralized information source for all storage auction buyers, storage facilities and auctioneers in Texas. Texas Storage Auction Schedules and News isn't just about storage auction schedules, the website's storage auction blog provides news and educational material which discusses all aspects of the storage auction industry. With hundreds of quality articles, readers can learn all about storage auctions and get expert advice from professionals in the storage auction business. Texas Storage Auction Schedules & News is a wealth of information rolled into one neat little package. This website really is a must for anyone who is serious about attending storage auctions in Texas.

Original article was published in The Houston Chronicle.