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Cool Texas Tattoos

Texas Tattoo

Ink is now the new wave of art with the exception that this type of 'art' you can take wherever you go. Only 10% of Americans do not like tattoos. About one in five adults in America have at least one tattoo. Over 30% have two tattoos. While I don't have the statistic on how many Texans embrace ink art; one thing is clear - Texas themed tattoos rock!

1. Longhorn

handsFierce fist - you do not want to mess with this guy!

2. Crows / Ravens

texas-crowsNot sure if the birds represent crows or ravens; but the flight is awesome!

3. Confederate

confederate-flagHistory buff or someone who doesn't like Yankees.

4. Pride

texas-madeTexas born and bred!

5. Rose

texas-roseFeminine. Beautiful. Strong.

6. Outlaw

texas-outlawDouble six-shooter - for the lawfully lawless.

7. Total Tex

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACactus, flag, flower, state, star, and sun... This tattoo totally represents the Lone Star state.

8. Slogan

don't mess with texasTexas motto is 'friendship.' Texas slogan contradicts that - Don't Mess With Texas!

9. University of Texas

longhorn-signTexans immediately recognize the Longhorn hand sign from the University of Texas.

10. Longhorn

horns1It doesn't get any better than this - combine the state flag with a longhorn.

Which Texas theme tattoo did you like best?

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Austin on a Budget

Austin Entertainment

Austin is the most expensive city in Texas to live in; but you can visit on a budget.

Lively city is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” competes with Nashville, Tennessee.

You can visit a variety of live music venues, about 200 about the city. Few of the best venues you can go to on the cheap.

The Continental Club plays rock, country rock, country, jazz, and blues. Music is great and drinks are cheap. Late shows only $5.
Address: 1315 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

Stubb’s Bar-B-Q is an outdoor venue that plays great gospel music. Tickets cheap starting at $7. Don’t forget to try their BBQ made with the original Stubbs BBQ featured on cooking shows.
Address: 801 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701

Parish arguably the best indoor live music venue in the city; yet tickets sell as cheap as $9! All-genre and Parish hosts musical legends such as Pete Townshend and Slash.
Address: 214 E. 6th Street 78701

Emo’s one of the best punk rock clubs in town. Tickets sell out fast. Best to reserve ahead of time.
Address: 2015 E Riverside Dr, 78741

If you want to spend the night you can rent a private room at around $55 and a shared room at $25 at a good hotel.

  • Hotelo San Jose
  • Heywood Hotel
  • Hostelling International
  • Firehouse hostel

Don’t want to walk? You can find a bicycle rental service to explore the city.

Cheap places to eat try:

  • Jo’s
  • Jackalope
  • Ginger Man
  • Texas Chili Parlor

Austin lives up to it’s logo: “Keep Austin Weird” at these two places of interest:

  • Museum of the Weird
  • The Cathedral of Junk

Good music. Good food. Good times on a dime.

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Texas Food Rocks!

cheese enchiladas

1. Cheese Enchiladas

Anywhere but in Texas, chips and salsa make for a great appetizer. Ha! Texans eat chips with salsa as well as chips with chili con queso. What? Never heard of queso? Then you're not from Texas. Many of the Lone Star State's food is influenced south of the border. Texans however, put their own special 'twist' to the dish.

Mexicans roll their food in a tortilla. Texans add cheese to make it their own.

2. Brisket

brisketWhat makes Texas brisket different? Slow smoke 'em for eight hours. Yummy!

3. Chicken Fried Steak

chicken-fried-steakSure, you will find this dish in the South. There are two sizes: regular and Texas-size which fills up the entire plate.

4. Sweet Tea

sweet-teaGrab a handful of your favorite tea bags. Brew. Pour hot tea over syrup (or sugar). Add ice. Twist of lemon. You're good to go!

5. Fajitas

fajitasGrilled chicken, beef, or pork - which do you prefer? Served with grilled onions and grilled green peppers. Add a touch of sauce and the plate is served to you with steam rising to the ceiling (not kidding). Flour tortillas and cheese on the side. Build your own fajita taco.

6. Pecan Pie

pecan-pieIt's not the holidays unless someone bakes pecan pie.

7. Chili

chiliWhat is the official dish of Texas? CHILI! You can serve it spicy hot, mild, with beans, without bean, or with con carne. You don't know what 'con carne' means? Then you're not from Texas.

8. Frito Pie

frito-pieConsidered Texas Chili-on-the-Go! Open a bag of Fritos (usually just on one side). Add a couple of scoops of chili with or without beans. Onions. Cheese. Eat as you go. Favorite at carnivals, outdoor events, and flea markets.

9. Tortilla Soup

tortilla-soupSpicy chicken soup topped with freshly fried strips of tortillas.

10. Chili Con Queso

con-quesoChili peppers. Different cheeses melted. Colorful tortilla chips. Find this appetizer in most Tex-Mex eateries.

Which is your favorite Texas dish?

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10 Strange Flavored Beers

Beer Bottles

Californians love their Napa Valley wines. Texans, however love their beer. Nothing like having a beer while watching a game of football. Or after a long hard day's work; sit down with a malt liquor and relax. Times have changed. No longer are Mexican and Belgium beers the talk of the town. The new trend is about that 'extra' flavor you would not have considered would mix with the beer. Try it. You might like it - or not.

1. Banana Bread Beer
Who doesn't enjoy good homemade banana bread? But in beer? Seriously?

2. Stone Saison
Full of spices for the cook in you who loves to put spices in their food.

3. Clamato
Tomato and clam. We offer absolutely no explanation on who would want try this flavor.

4.The Dissident
Made with dark candi sugar and Oregon Montmorency cherries - yummy!

5. Chili Beer
Texans like their food hot and spicy. What about their beer?

6. White Beard
Double chocolate cherry flavor - definitely for chocolate lovers.

7. Krait Prestige
She wants champagne. He wants beer. A compromise.

8.Crème Brûlée Stout
Have a sweet tooth? Cream dessert beer is your answer.

9. Mama Mia Pizza Beer
Pizza and beer is a perfect couple.

10. Hell or High Watermelon
Watermelon is refreshing, just not sure in beer.

Which strange beer would you try?

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Cool Tiny Pocket Gadgets


1. Alcohoot

Remember back in the day when gadgets and electronics were big? Boom boxes we carried over our shoulders as we walked down the street. Huge cell phones that hung on our belts. Big is out. Small is in. The smaller the better. Take a look at these tiny but still practical tools and gadgets. You know you want one, or two, or three.

Weekend bar hopping is fun with friends. Be responsible and check your alcohol level with this police grade technology device. Plug the gadget into your cell phone headphone jack to test. Either keep the party going or call it a night.

2. Scrubba Wash Bag

scuba-wash-bagFive ounce pocket washing machine for camping outdoors (or grungy college students). Cleans clothes in minutes by using an internal washboard. That's what pounds the dirt out, along with a small amount of water with soap.

3. Cigarette Lighter Stun Gun

lighter-stun-gun Need a light? Need protection? You can have both.

4. Fire Extinguisher

fire-extinguisherDesigned to put out a small fire quickly and it only cost $1! Is the roast on fire in the oven...

5. StickNFind

stick-and-findCan't find your keys, your wallet, or your mate? Circular gadget the size of a quarter that will attach to just about anything or anyone.  You will need to download the companion smartphone app which will alert you if you are separated by the object or person more than 100 feet away.

6. Treasure Wheels

treasure-wheelsForgot your hand truck while you are cleaning out a storage unit. Tiny gadget is a micro version of the mover’s dolly. Pair of attachable braces with wheels - move furniture in a snap.

7. Wallet Flask

wallet-flaskItalian leather. Slim. Holds credit cards, cash, and 2 ounce shot of your favorite liquor.

8. Epic Keyboard

epic-keyboardWant to send a few long emails while you're out and about? Bluetooth-enabled device connects to your cell phone or tablet. Lights up a fixed keyboard pattern with ultra slick laser beams. Better than lugging your laptop everywhere you go.

9. Zippo Handwarmer

zippo-lighter-warmerWant to keep your hands warm up to twelve hours? Lighter contains an odorless catalytic warmer. It's cool and warm.

10. Cardsharp Knife

card-sharp-knifeDon't be fooled by its size. Rust-free stainless steel surgical blade - oh yeah. This little puppy can cut through just about anything. Cutting edge cool!

Which tiny gadget was your favorite.

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10 Hot Female Celebrities Born in Texas

Kelly Clarkson

1. Kelly Clarkson - Forth Worth

Texas born and bred hot female celebrities in the US from television, movies, and music. A few of these female stars sound and look very southern. The rest, you may not have had a clue.

Pop singer who gained recognition for winning the first American Idol competition in 2002 is winner of three Grammy awards.

2. Eva Longoria - Corpus Christi

Eva-Longoria--Texas-CelebrityTelevision and film actress who has received two Screen Actor Guild Awards.

3. Selena Gomez - Grand Prairie

Selena-Gomez-Texas-CelebritySinger and actress who has won ten Teen Choice Awards.

4. Jennifer Love Hewitt - Waco

Jennifer-Love-Hewitt-Celebrity-TexasActress, producer, author, television director, and singer-songwriter who has won three Saturn Awards.

5. Jennifer Garner - Houston

jennifer-garner-texas-celebrityTelevision and film actress and producer and winner of a Golden Globe Award.

6. Angie Harmon - Dallas

Angie-harmon-texas-celebrityTelevision actress and producer who won the Gracie Allen Award.

7. Michele Rodriguez - San Antonio

michele-rodriguez-celebrity-texasAmerican actress, screenwriter, and disc jockey who won an Alma Award.

8. Piper Perabo - Dallas

piper-perabo-texas-celebrityTelevision producer and film star who won an MTV Movie Award.

8. Jessica Simpson - Abilene

jessica-simpson-texas-celebrityRecording artist, actress, television personality, and fashion designer won three Billboard Music Awards.

9. Gina Carano - Dallas County

gina-carano-celebrity-texasMovie actress, television personality, fitness model, and former mixed martial artist who became the first American woman to win a Muay Thai title in Thailand.

10. Beyoncé Knowles - Houston

beyonce-knowles-celebrity-texasSinger and actress who has won 473 awards so far in her career.

Who is your favorite Texas born female celebrity?

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10 Weird Tacos You May Want to Try before You Die

Moth Larva Tacos

1. Moth Larvae Tacos

Who doesn't enjoy Taco Tuesday? I have but one question to ask, "What exactly is being served on Taco Tuesday?" What is a taco, you ask? A shell made of corn or flour tortilla stuffed with a type of protein, veggies, and topped with cheese. Traditionally, yes. Trendy? Not anymore. Here are ten weird tacos you may want to try before you die, or not.

I don't know if the moth larvae is cooked or still alive. I'm not sure it really matters.

2. Chocolate Ice Cream Tacos

chocolate-tacoIt's dessert! I think someone took a waffle cone ice cream and folded it. Okay, I would eat it... But only because it's chocolate.

3. Pancake Tacos

pancake-tacoWhy is this pancake folded? I think the cook had trouble flipping the pancake, don't you?

4. Cup of Tacos

taco-cupWhere's the shell?

5. Spaghetti Tacos

spaghetti-tacoCan't decide to cook Mexican or Italian for dinner? Combine the two and you get... Uh, we're unsure. You try it for us.

6. Dorito Bag Tacos

dorito-bag-tacoYou're out of taco shells. Next best thing - Dorito chips. I'll take one to go, please.

7. Pasta Shell Tacos

pasta-shell-tacoMaybe you don't like spaghetti. Here's an alternative with pasta shells stuffed inside a taco shell.

8. Fried Avocado Tacos

avacado-fried-tacoI can see a vegetarian eat this, however, the fried avocado took the 'healthy' right out.

9. Strawberry Waffle Tacos

strawberry-waffle-tacoAnother taco dessert. It's like IHOP on the go.

10. Bacon Shell Taco

bacon-tacoBacon contains about 9 mg of cholesterol and 5 mg of pure fat. I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at this photo.

Which taco would you try?

Please leave your thoughtful opinion in the comment box below.

Looking For Dallas Storage Auctions?

Dallas Storage Auctions

So, you're probably looking for Dallas storage auctions right? Well, you've come to the right place. In this article, I will discuss various methods of finding storage unit auctions in the DFW area. Some methods are easy while others can be quite time consuming.

If you just want to save time and get the complete storage auction schedule now, then you should subscribe to Texas Storage Auction Schedules and News by visiting Our service does charge a small fee but it's well worth it considering that we list over 300 storage auctions in the Dallas / Fort Worth area every month.

We put it all together in a neat little package that includes the date and time of the auction, the name address and phone number of the storage facility, how many storage units are listed for sale and special comments which list unique or valuable items that may be inside the unit. Subscribing to our service is a no brainer. It will save you time and help you find auctions that you otherwise wouldn't be able to find on your own.

If you would prefer to do the research on your own and you have plenty of time on your hands, you can make a spreadsheet of storage facilities in your area and call them every few weeks. About twenty percent of storage facilities have auctions every month, while others have auctions when needed.

You can also find upcoming storage auctions in newspapers. The problem with this method is that Dallas has lots of community newspapers and reading them all every day can be a real hassle.

Lastly, you can search for auctioneers that handle Dallas storage auctions and visit their website. This can be an easy way to find the larger caravan auctions; however, keep in mind that over half of all storage facilities don't use a licensed auctioneer, so you will be missing a lot of auctions.

I hope this article helps you. Good luck!

Universal City Texas Storage Auctions

Universal City Texas

Texas Storage Auctions Schedules & News provides the storage auction schedule for all storage facilities located within Universal City, Texas. Join now to get instant access to the San Antonio area auction list.

Public Storage 31 Meadowland Universal City 78148
Randolph Mini-Storage 115 Villa Dr Universal City 78148
Space Savers 295 Kitty Hawk Rd Universal City 78148
Uncle Bob's Self Storage 2500 Pat Booker Rd Universal City 78148

Seguin Texas Storage Auctions

Seguin Texas

Texas Storage Auctions Schedules & News provides the storage auction schedule for all storage facilities located within Seguin, Texas. Join now to get instant access to the San Antonio area auction list.

A & A Storage & Truck Rental 1927 W Kingsbury St Seguin 78155
A To Z Storage Solutions 2074 Fm 477 Seguin 78155
A-1 Frontier Mini Storage 2015 W Kingsbury St Seguin 78155
AAA Mini Storage 1974 E US Highway 90 Seguin 78155
American Storage Systems 1328 C H Matthies Jr Seguin 78155
Attic Storage 1319 N Bauer St Seguin 78155
Bertilng Storage 2502 N Austin St Seguin 78155
Colonial Complex Limited 664 N Highway 123 Byp Seguin 78155
Grapevine Mini Storage 113 Krueger Rd Seguin 78155
Greinke Moving & Storage Inc 440 E Interstate 10 Seguin 78155
Handi-Stop Rental Storage 2511 N State Highway 46 Seguin 78155
Hwy 46 Self Storage 602 S State Highway 46 Seguin 78155
K-2 Storage 122 E Lettau Ave Seguin 78155
King Self Storage 433 N King St Seguin 78155
New Star Warehouse and Packaging 1088 Freeport Way Seguin 78155
North 123 Store House 3579 N Highway 123 Byp Seguin 78155
Plantation House Storage 4017 W Interstate 10 Seguin 78155
Red Star Mini Storage 705 N Highway 123 Byp Seguin 78155
Stor-All 1340 E Kingsbury St Seguin 78155
Stor-Mor Mini-Storage 719 Rudeloff Rd Seguin 78155
Storage Storage 174 Tor Dr Seguin 78155
U Stor 3000 W US Highway 90 Seguin 78155
U-Haul Moving & Storage 3320 E US Highway 90 Seguin 78155
U-Haul Moving & Storage 430 E Interstate 10 Seguin 78155
U-Haul Moving & Storage 3995 S 123 Bypass Seguin 78155
Woehler Storage 12100 Fm 725 Seguin 78155