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How To Locate Storage Auctions In Your Area.

Locate Storage Auctions

Finding storage auction listings can be a daunting task. If you live near Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio or Austin, Texas, finding storage auctions is very easy because AuctionsTX.com provides the most comprehensive storage auction schedules available. If you don't live near one of these cities, the following article will help you locate storage auctions in your area.

Most smaller cities and towns don't have a centralized information source to find storage auction information. This being said, you will have to search multiple sources to find storage auction listings in your area. These sources include newspapers (large, local & business), websites for the newspapers, the storage facilities, storage auction websites (national, regional & local) and the auctioneer's websites. This guide is meant to help you save time and money on your quest for information. Let's take a look at your options.

Your number one source for storage auction information could be your local newspaper. Some newspapers even have websites where you can search for legal notices for free. Some newspapers do charge a fee, usually between $100-$200 for an annual subscription. Depending on the size of your city, you may only need to look in one source. Smaller towns typically have one newspaper in which every storage facility within the area must advertise their legal notice. Your search may become more difficult if you live in a medium to large city because there may be several or more newspapers which publish legal notices.

In large cities like Houston & Dallas / Fort Worth areas, there are over 40 smaller independent newspapers which publish these notices. In areas like these, newspapers may not be your best option because, the cost to subscribe to and the amount of time required to search this many sources can be overwhelming. Not only that, it can be a real hassle to organize all of the dates, times, locations, etc. Keep in mind, auctions that are advertised in large newspapers are usually swarmed with new buyers due to the popularity of the storage auction reality shows.

Storage auction listing services can be a good resource but, you have to be careful because some don't deliver what they promise. If you are lucky enough to have one of these services that covers your specific city, this will be the best resource you could find. Local storage auction listing services are extremely rare; at this time, I believe there are only a handful that focus on a specific city. Our service focuses on storage auctions Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio & Austin, Texas. There are several storage auction listing services that focus on individual states, some of these can be great resources as well but, they usually aren't as thorough as the local services. Last but not least, there are a multitude of national storage auction listing services. I don't recommend using one of these services because their coverage area is so large and they neglect a majority of the storage unit auctions in most areas. Also, most of them are basically reselling information you can get for free, with minimal effort.

Another great way to find storage auction listings in your area is to locate the auctioneers that handle the auctions for the major storage facilities. You can locate these auctioneers through the search engines by using the following phrases - (storage auctions auctioneer your city) or (U-Haul / Public Storage auctions your city) or (storage auctions your city). In most areas, these search queries will produce 2-10 results from local auctioneers, newspapers & storage auction listing services that conduct storage auction events. Most of these auctioneers will have a page on their website which lists their storage auction schedule. Keep in mind, their websites only list the auctions that they are conducting.

Some storage facilities do publish their upcoming auctions on their website. I recommend using the online yellow pages, Google Maps or Yahoo Local search for this information because you can limit the search to provide listings of storage facilities within your zip code. Most of these results will include links to the storage facility's websites.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, the last method can produce the best results. Calling the storage facilities in your area can be one of the best ways to get up to date information on local storage auctions. This method works best if you live in a smaller town or city. However, if you live in a medium to large city, I recommend focusing on your zip code or your specific community. One of the main advantages to calling storage facilities is that the facility may have advertised their auction in a smaller independent newspaper which may be difficult for the general public to find. This is especially true in suburban and rural areas. These auctions can be lucrative because a majority of the crowds will be attending the highly publicized auctions. When there is less competition at an auction, it greatly increases your odds of purchasing a storage unit at a lower cost.

I truly hope this article has been helpful. Good luck at the auctions!

Signs That A Tenant Had Discretionary Income

Discretionary Income

Discretionary income is the amount of money a person has leftover after all essential items like housing, taxes, food & utility bills have been paid. For many people, discretionary income is used to purchase non-essential or luxury items. Analyzing a storage unit for signs of discretionary income can increase your chances of making quality purchase. Although there are never any guarantees, seeing the following items can be a strong indicator that the unit could hold unseen valuables.

A Pool table or other game table, quality fishing equipment, antiques, collectibles, high end furnishings, a motorcycle, musical instruments, hunting equipment, gun cases, a safe, a boat motor, arcade games, china, hobbies, auto racing parts, expensive children's toys, artwork, designer clothing, handbags & luggage, fine silverware, an ATV, jewelry, high end electronics or any other item which indicates the tenant had eclectic or expensive taste.

A half-empty room, could indicate that the former owner removed most of the good stuff. Other things to look for are indicators that the tenant used a great deal of care when packing the unit. If the storage unit is well organized & or contains professional moving boxes, plastic storage totes, furniture wrapped in plastic or covered with moving blankets, these are signs that usually indicate the unit contains newer or better quality merchandise that is worth protecting.

Now More Than Ever, Patience is a Virtue at Storage Auctions


The storage auction business has changed, it is not what it used to be. You can thank the cast of Storage Wars and Auction Hunters for making our business what it is today. With lots of new competition and storage units selling for record prices, you have to be patient and wait for the right unit to come along at the right price.

A lot of newcomers are just eager to get their feet wet. This enthusiasm, inspired by the incredible finds displayed on the storage auction reality shows, can cause an inexperienced bidder to overpay. For those of you who are new in the business, allow me to be blunt. You have to buy a lot of units in order to find one really good one. Now, I'm not saying you can't make money on every unit you buy. I'm just saying that the "dream units" where you turn a 1000 percent profit or more are extremely uncommon. You may have to buy 20 or more units before one of these comes along. You may have to buy hundreds of units before a windfall gain occurs. This being said, if you want to be in this business for the long haul, don't overspend and don't be in a hurry. There are still ways to outsmart your competition and get a good deal without gambling on a unit.

On a really good day, you might have the opportunity to view 100 or more storage units up for auction. A lot of people are determined to buy a unit at any cost; they will overpay on the hope that the hidden items inside the unit will justify their frivolous spending. Some of these people would be better off going to a casino and betting all their money on black.

Consider this fact: Over half of the people who attend storage auctions have less that $1,000 in their pocket. At the prices units have been selling for recently, that's 1-2 units they could purchase. Once these people spend their money, they are finished for the day. If you are just patient, the crowds will dwindle at the following auctions. Once these people leave, you will have a better chance of buying a unit at a price you can make money on. This way, you will be better prepared when the right unit comes along, since you will have all of your money in your pocket.

How To Size Up Your Competition At A Storage Auction

Sizing Up The Competition

For those of you who plan on attending storage auctions on a regular basis, it is important to know as much as possible about your competition. There are several types of buyers you will run into at storage auctions. Although there are usually a lot of first timers at an auction, you will consistently see the same faces time & time again. There are some buyers that will be at the auctions every day and you will have an opportunity to get to know these people through casual conversation. It works to your advantage if you know what their motives are, what type of units they like to buy and what their budget is. Here are some important things to know about your competition which may work to your advantage in the long run.

Their Motives

  • Are they buying for resale purposes?
  • Are they just shopping for themselves?
  • Are they collectors or antique hunters?
  • Is this a business for them or do they buy storage units for a hobby?

What types of units do they like to buy?

  • Are they looking for larger units with lots of volume?
  • Are they looking for smaller units that are easy to move?
  • What contents are they looking for...furniture, household items, electronics, appliances, tools, business equipment, etc.?
  • Are they looking for units with collectible items?

What is their budget? This can be a little tricky without being rude.

  • Are they full time storage auction buyers or are they in another line of work?
  • Are they retired?
  • Do they usually buy smaller units under $300?
  • Do they bid on larger units over $1000?
  • How many units do they buy in a typical week?
  • Do they attend several auctions per week?

What does your competition do or not do when interested in a unit?

  • Are they bidding near the storage unit door or are they in the back of the crowd?
  • Do they start bidding from the beginning or do they wait until right before the auction is about to end to place a bid?
  • Has their bidding style changed - Are they using their voice or hand signals?
  • Are they bidding quickly or letting the auction almost end before calling out their next bid?
  • Are their any changes in body language?
  • Do they try to talk negatively about a unit to discourage others from buying it, only to try and buy it themselves?

All in all, the more you know about your competition the better prepared you will be when you have to go heads up with them. You won't learn everything overnight, but if you take some time and observe the other bidders at the auctions you attend, you will get to know their habits over time.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Don't Quit Your Day Job

I was recently watching an episode of "Storage Wars" in which a newcomer said he was going to quit his job and get into the storage auction business full time. Although his enthusiasm is inspiring, if you are new to the storage auction scene, I don't recommend you make a commitment like this until you have tested the waters. If you are considering getting into the storage auction business, make sure that it is right for you before you change your occupation.

Go to the auctions, buy some units, sell the contents. Repeat this several times and then, if you are still committed after you are familiar with everything, consider making the change. Realize that this business requires a lot of time and physical labor. I'm not trying to discourage you from jumping in, I'm just encouraging you to look before you leap.

The storage auction business is not what it used to be. The bid amounts that you saw on the first season of the reality shows were normal. Due to the influx of new buyers attending storage auctions, bid amounts have doubled if not tripled at some auctions. Don't get me wrong, there are still storage auctions that few others know about at which you can get some great deals. The auctions at these storage facilities are referred to as "honey holes" by the professionals because the crowds are unaware of them. The professionals love these places because when there is less competition at an auction, it increases their chances of buying a quality unit at a good price.

Truth be told, most new buyers lose money because they are paying to much for what they are buying. They are hoping that they will find something valuable hidden in the unit that will make up for their overspending. Most of the time, what you see is what you get. Example: (If you see a jewelry box in a unit, chances are it will be empty. If you pay hundreds more on the hope that it is has jewelry in it, you won't be in this business for long.) Even if the contents of the unit are fairly obvious, you have to know what second hand merchandise sells for and allow room for moving expenses and profit. Remember the #1 rule - only bid on what you can see, set you limit & stick with it. If you follow this rule, you will be successful in the storage auction business.


The Top 10 Mistakes Newcomers Make At Storage Auctions

Storage Auction Mistakes

1. Overpay Just To Buy A Unit

If you're new to the storage auction scene, don't be in any rush to get your first unit. You have to wait for the right unit to come along at the right price. It will happen. I know you're eager to get your feet wet, but the object of the game is to make money. Just be patient and you will find a bargain.

2. Buy A Unit Too Large To Remove Merchandise Within 48 Hours

When you buy a storage unit at auction, you have to have it totally cleaned out and broom swept within 48 hours. A lot of newcomers will purchase a large unit not realizing how much work it is to clean out. Keep in mind that some units contain heavy items like furniture and appliances that require some muscle to move. It is a good idea to have a truck and labor lined up in advance, especially if you plan to buy multiple units.

3. Keep Ego In Check

When you're bidding on a unit, try to keep your emotions in check. Some people who are new in the business are trying to make a name for themselves from the beginning by getting into a bidding war or trying to run others up. If you're going to be a successful buyer, you must know when to let the unit go. If it doesn't make sense, don't buy it. Some new buyers even overbid to let others know that they have money. This isn't a good idea because no matter how much money you have, there will always be someone else with deeper pockets. I personally know a multi-millionaire that attends storage auctions just for fun.

4. Bid To Find Hidden Treasures

This is a common mistake newcomers make. They've seen the storage auction reality shows and they think there is an expensive item hidden inside every unit. Well, I have news for them. Most units contain common household items, appliances and furniture. If they pay hundreds or thousands more for a unit on the hope that the unit contains hidden treasure, they won't be in this business for long.

5. Not Having A Resale Strategy

Some new buyers buy a unit without having a plan to sell the contents. Possible outlets are garage sales, setting up a booth at a flea market or selling the items online. Either way, it's a lot of work. The key to making a profit in this business is turning over your inventory as soon as you can. Unless you have an unlimited supply of cash, you will need get your money back quickly, so you can reinvest it in more storage units.

6. Not Enough Cash On Hand

If you have a good amount of cash, by all means bring it. Nothing hurts worse than missing out on a great unit because you didn't bring enough money with you. Remember, most auctioneers will not allow you to go to the ATM after the auction is over, so if you don't have enough cash in your pocket, do not bid on the unit.

7. Buy Junk Storage Units

A junk unit can put a bad taste in your mouth for the storage auction business. If the unit looks like it contains a lot of trash or worthless items, it is a good idea to avoid it. It takes a lot of time and energy to clean out a unit, especially ones that are unorganized and contain a lot of trash. Focus on units that are fairly organized and show signs of quality merchandise.

8. Did Not Clean Out Unit Entirely

Some newcomers buy a unit that they are unprepared to move. They start their excavation only to realize that the unit isn't what they thought is was. If the unit contains a lot of unsellable items and trash, you might feel like giving up and just leaving the bad stuff behind. This is one of the easiest ways of getting banned from future auctions. Even if the unit turns out to be a complete bust, you have to dispose of it properly. The contents of the unit must be completely removed and the unit needs to be broom swept. Most storage facilities will not allow you to use their dumpsters so I recommend that you locate a dump in your area. Believe me when I say you will need it.

9. Did Not Bring Necessary Supplies

I see a lot of newcomers who don't even have a flashlight with them. Most storage units do not have lights in them and it can be quite difficult to see the contents. If you don't already have one, make sure you invest in a rechargeable flashlight. The other essential is having multiple padlocks on your person. At my buying peak, I usually kept at least three locks on my belt loop and another 7-10 locks in my vehicle. Tip: Buy padlocks that are keyed the same or color code your locks and keys. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to locate the right key for the lock while the auctioneer is moving on to the next unit.

10. Stereotyping Storage Facilities Based Upon The Area

Some people try to profile an auction based upon the area that the storage facility is located in. Let me start off by saying that some of the best units I have ever bought were in rough neighborhoods and I got the units dirt cheap. If you only attend auctions in nice areas, you will be missing out on some great bargains.

Do you know of any other common mistakes newcomers make at storage auctions?

If you would like to add them to this list, please leave your interesting and creative responses in the comments section below.

About Dallas / Fort Worth Storage Auctions

Dallas Fort Worth Storage Auctions

We created our Dallas / Fort Worth storage auction schedule, because we recognized a problem with the former methods of obtaining storage auction information. Before AuctionsTX.com came along, a storage auction buyer had to subscribe to three expensive newspapers and read them every day, and they were still missing auctions. Not only that, they would have to spend numerous hours organizing the information, every month.

If you're new to the storage auction scene, allow me to give you some advice that will save you time and money. If you're an experienced storage auction buyer, you already know what I'm going to tell you. Ever since the storage auction reality shows premiered on television, there has been an influx of new buyers at the highly publicized storage auctions. Because of this, it has become more difficult to buy a unit at a price you can make a profit on. Don't get me wrong, you can still make money with storage unit auctions, you just have to get off the beaten path in order to get a great deal.

As I mentioned earlier, even if you subscribed to the three mainstream newspapers, you would still be missing auctions. The reason for this is that there are over 1100 storage facilities in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth area and over half of them place their public notices in one of over 30 smaller community newspapers. The auctions that are advertised in these smaller newspapers typically have fewer buyers in attendance and when there are fewer people at an auction, your chances of getting a good deal on a storage unit increase.

Here is why you should subscribe to our service:

We are the only source that provides a complete storage auction schedule in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

On average,we list over 300 storage unit auctions every month.

We even provide 25-40 storage auctions each month, that you cannot find on any other website.

We save you time by doing all of the research for you.

We are by far the most affordable storage auction listing service.

Our auction list is user and printer friendly. You can print out the auctions for the entire week with one click of a button.

We offer educational material and blogs where storage auction buyers of all levels can ask and answer questions.

Click here to take a video tour of our website.

We realize you don't want to spend you're valuable time doing research. You want to spend your time at the storage auctions looking for some good deals. Click the join now button for instant access to the auction list.

Does It Take A Lot Of Money To Get Started In The Storage Auction Business?

Money Storage Auctions

Before I started AuctionsTX.com, I was a full time storage auction buyer. I have proven that you don't need a lot of money to get started in the storage auction business. I began attending self storage auctions with $400 of disposable funds and within a few months I was living off of the income from this business. It's kind of like going to a casino, but if you buy smart and only bid on what you see, you will consistently beat the house.

Most self storage auctions are cash only and you don't have time to go to the ATM after the storage auction is over. Some storage facilities do accept credit cards as a method of payment at their storage auctions. It is a good idea to call the storage facility for the specific terms and conditions of the storage sale. I have heard others say that using a credit card to buy a storage unit at auction is a bad idea. I personally feel that if you are financially responsible and being conservative on your bids, credit cards can be a great tool for getting started in the storage auction business.

If you have plenty of cash, by all means, bring it. Nothing hurts worse than missing out on a great storage unit because you didn't bring enough money with you. I know one storage auction buyer that brings up to twenty five thousand dollars with him to every auction. Is this really necessary? No, but every now and then, when a really incredible storage unit comes along, it works to his advantage.

On a really good day, you might have the opportunity to view 100 or more storage units up for auction. Consider the number of storage units you would like to purchase, and use the following guide to determine the appropriate amount of cash to bring with you every day. Most storage units sell in certain price ranges. Keep in mind, this is just an average. Selling bids do fluctuate depending on the quality & volume of the contents & the number of buyers in attendance.

Most 5x5 & 5x10 storage units sell between $5-$200. Most 10x10 & 10x15 storage units sell between $200-$700. Most 10x20 & 10x30 storage units sell between $700-$1500. Once in a while, a spectacular unit will come along and surpass these figures.

There is a learning curve. Not only will you need to have an idea of what things sell for in a retail environment but you will need to know how much they sell for used. Every storage auction buyer has their own method of determining a storage units value. Here is what has worked well for me: If you only bid on what you can see, then everything that you can't see is pure profit. This strategy works great on larger storage units where there are a lot of boxes or where the contents in the back of the storage unit are obstructed from view.

Another strategy that works well on storage units where a majority of the contents are in plain sight, is to consider the total resale value before the bidding begins. Divide that figure in half and subtract moving, labor & disposal expenses. Once you determine your maximum bid for the storage unit, stick with it. It's quite easy to get caught up in emotional bidding, especially on units that have something in them that you really want.

Seguin Texas Storage Auctions

Seguin Texas

Texas Storage Auctions Schedules & News provides the storage auction schedule for all storage facilities located within Seguin, Texas. Join now to get instant access to the San Antonio area auction list.

A & A Storage & Truck Rental 1927 W Kingsbury St Seguin 78155
A To Z Storage Solutions 2074 Fm 477 Seguin 78155
A-1 Frontier Mini Storage 2015 W Kingsbury St Seguin 78155
AAA Mini Storage 1974 E US Highway 90 Seguin 78155
American Storage Systems 1328 C H Matthies Jr Seguin 78155
Attic Storage 1319 N Bauer St Seguin 78155
Bertilng Storage 2502 N Austin St Seguin 78155
Colonial Complex Limited 664 N Highway 123 Byp Seguin 78155
Grapevine Mini Storage 113 Krueger Rd Seguin 78155
Greinke Moving & Storage Inc 440 E Interstate 10 Seguin 78155
Handi-Stop Rental Storage 2511 N State Highway 46 Seguin 78155
Hwy 46 Self Storage 602 S State Highway 46 Seguin 78155
K-2 Storage 122 E Lettau Ave Seguin 78155
King Self Storage 433 N King St Seguin 78155
New Star Warehouse and Packaging 1088 Freeport Way Seguin 78155
North 123 Store House 3579 N Highway 123 Byp Seguin 78155
Plantation House Storage 4017 W Interstate 10 Seguin 78155
Red Star Mini Storage 705 N Highway 123 Byp Seguin 78155
Stor-All 1340 E Kingsbury St Seguin 78155
Stor-Mor Mini-Storage 719 Rudeloff Rd Seguin 78155
Storage Storage 174 Tor Dr Seguin 78155
U Stor 3000 W US Highway 90 Seguin 78155
U-Haul Moving & Storage 3320 E US Highway 90 Seguin 78155
U-Haul Moving & Storage 430 E Interstate 10 Seguin 78155
U-Haul Moving & Storage 3995 S 123 Bypass Seguin 78155
Woehler Storage 12100 Fm 725 Seguin 78155

Schertz Texas Storage Auctions

Schertz Texas

Texas Storage Auctions Schedules & News provides the storage auction schedule for all storage facilities located within Schertz, Texas. Join now to get instant access to the San Antonio area auction list.

3009 Self Storage 17305 Interstate 35 N Schertz 78154
A-AAAKey Mini Storage 17497 Triton Dr. Schertz 78154
A-OK Mini & RV Storage 200 FM 3009 Schertz 78154
Covey's Happy Mini Storage 999 Fm 1518 Schertz 78154
I-35 Self Storage 18913 Interstate 35 N Schertz 78154
Mobile Mini 18780 Interstate 35 N Schertz 78154
San Antonio Self Storage 1128 Morning Rose Schertz 78154
Storage King 9482 E Fm 1518 N Schertz 78154