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Cool Tiny Pocket Gadgets


1. Alcohoot

Remember back in the day when gadgets and electronics were big? Boom boxes we carried over our shoulders as we walked down the street. Huge cell phones that hung on our belts. Big is out. Small is in. The smaller the better. Take a look at these tiny but still practical tools and gadgets. You know you want one, or two, or three.

Weekend bar hopping is fun with friends. Be responsible and check your alcohol level with this police grade technology device. Plug the gadget into your cell phone headphone jack to test. Either keep the party going or call it a night.

2. Scrubba Wash Bag

scuba-wash-bagFive ounce pocket washing machine for camping outdoors (or grungy college students). Cleans clothes in minutes by using an internal washboard. That's what pounds the dirt out, along with a small amount of water with soap.

3. Cigarette Lighter Stun Gun

lighter-stun-gun Need a light? Need protection? You can have both.

4. Fire Extinguisher

fire-extinguisherDesigned to put out a small fire quickly and it only cost $1! Is the roast on fire in the oven...

5. StickNFind

stick-and-findCan't find your keys, your wallet, or your mate? Circular gadget the size of a quarter that will attach to just about anything or anyone.  You will need to download the companion smartphone app which will alert you if you are separated by the object or person more than 100 feet away.

6. Treasure Wheels

treasure-wheelsForgot your hand truck while you are cleaning out a storage unit. Tiny gadget is a micro version of the mover’s dolly. Pair of attachable braces with wheels - move furniture in a snap.

7. Wallet Flask

wallet-flaskItalian leather. Slim. Holds credit cards, cash, and 2 ounce shot of your favorite liquor.

8. Epic Keyboard

epic-keyboardWant to send a few long emails while you're out and about? Bluetooth-enabled device connects to your cell phone or tablet. Lights up a fixed keyboard pattern with ultra slick laser beams. Better than lugging your laptop everywhere you go.

9. Zippo Handwarmer

zippo-lighter-warmerWant to keep your hands warm up to twelve hours? Lighter contains an odorless catalytic warmer. It's cool and warm.

10. Cardsharp Knife

card-sharp-knifeDon't be fooled by its size. Rust-free stainless steel surgical blade - oh yeah. This little puppy can cut through just about anything. Cutting edge cool!

Which tiny gadget was your favorite.

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