10 Strange Flavored Beers

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Californians love their Napa Valley wines. Texans, however love their beer. Nothing like having a beer while watching a game of football. Or after a long hard day's work; sit down with a malt liquor and relax. Times have changed. No longer are Mexican and Belgium beers the talk of the town. The new trend is about that 'extra' flavor you would not have considered would mix with the beer. Try it. You might like it - or not.

1. Banana Bread Beer
Who doesn't enjoy good homemade banana bread? But in beer? Seriously?

2. Stone Saison
Full of spices for the cook in you who loves to put spices in their food.

3. Clamato
Tomato and clam. We offer absolutely no explanation on who would want try this flavor.

4.The Dissident
Made with dark candi sugar and Oregon Montmorency cherries - yummy!

5. Chili Beer
Texans like their food hot and spicy. What about their beer?

6. White Beard
Double chocolate cherry flavor - definitely for chocolate lovers.

7. Krait Prestige
She wants champagne. He wants beer. A compromise.

8.Crème Brûlée Stout
Have a sweet tooth? Cream dessert beer is your answer.

9. Mama Mia Pizza Beer
Pizza and beer is a perfect couple.

10. Hell or High Watermelon
Watermelon is refreshing, just not sure in beer.

Which strange beer would you try?

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  • I am a fan of different craft type beer and am always amazed at how many different ones you can have, sometimes from the same brewery! This is a good list with tons of variety.

  • This is an awesome list. However, I think I see more beer on here that my wife would like more than myself.

  • I would have to say that even though I like a craft beer now and again, one that tastes like Chili or Banana Bread might totally throw me for a loop.

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