Austin Storage Auctions

Austin Storage AuctionsAs the capitol of Texas and self-proclaimed center of “weird” in the state, Austin is diverse and unique. This makes it a great place to live but also an excellent destination for treasure hunters of all kinds looking to score interesting finds at storage auctions. Whether you’re a long-time Austin resident or just plan on visiting for a few auctions, the storage sales in the city shouldn’t be missed.

Of course, before you can plan to attend storage auctions in Austin, you’ll need to know where they’ll be held and at what time. Building a schedule of upcoming auctions is the first step to starting any auction-hunting or resale business. If you know where to look, you can find an auction happening every week in Austin, and knowing which of these will be worth your time will save you money and hassles.

When you start your search, you might want to try the facilities closest to you. Their convenience may mean that you’ll visit them often and develop a relationship with the facility owners, so it makes sense to attend auctions close to home. Keep a list of what facilities you see nearby and check to see if they have a website listing auction schedules. If not, consider calling the manager to get an idea of when auctions occur.

For auctions further from home, you have a few options. If you know of any auctioneers in the area, you can use their websites to find upcoming Austin storage auctions. You can also check local newspapers, both big and small, to find ads for sales. By law, storage facilities must post these ads in advance of the sale, so you should be able to get some details for a variety of units that way.

If you’d rather avoid the hassle of digging up all of this information on your own, there’s an easier way to find storage auctions in Austin. Use the services of an auction listing site like to gather information about upcoming auctions and plan your route. While many sites exist, most are national and offer limited results, so be choosy about what service you use. AuctionsTX is the largest and most comprehensive listing for Texas, and it provides its results in an easy-to-follow format that makes planning simple. If you’re looking to get serious about storage auctions, it’s a service that’s well worth investing in.

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