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  • I have to agree that this website saves me TIME which is crucial. I used to hit 3-4 auctions per week but with their format, I can better schedule my auction runs and be more productive.

  • Fellow buyers, this site will put you on the goods, follow the advise and do your home work. This site is well worth the money. Keep up the good work Travis!

  • I have to give it to ya, I used your list and found a good auction in my neighborhood. Long story short, this auction was not listed on the free sites. It was on a Saturday though. I thought it would be packed.. not so much.. ended up with some great units. Your list paid for itself in one morning….went back and got the list for the whole year.

  • Excellent source all packed into one neat little package. This page is a must for anyone serious about hitting lockers. My first pick paid for a whole year membership and left me with a nice profit to roll into the next auction. Simply the most fun I have ever had without laughing. Terry

  • It pays to be patient. I have been watching the lockers for about 4 months now and last week my wife and I finally found a great 10×30 loaded and because it was a auction highlighted on your list, there were only about 15 people there. We nailed it cheap! When all is sold we are looking at probably 4 or 5 times what we paid. Love it! Best information we can get is this website. Thanks Travis!

  • Mr. Lane, I wanted you to know we really enjoy using your website here in the Ft. Worth / Dallas area. Many of the “regulars” I go to auctions with are subscribers. I see your printouts all over. Sometime you are “TOO GOOD”! Too many people at the auctions. LOL I renewed with you because; #1 You have the best info on the local auctions and #2, I felt you offered the best value. I waited til the end of the year simply because I was so busy, I forgot to renew sooner. It was good for the auction businesses, but almost too late for me. I appreciate your prompt assistance to my problem with adding the month even though I waited till the 31st . I will share your service with my friends. They all want to know where I get my info. Thank you again, Pam Miller.

    • We really appreciate all of the compliments. Before we started this site, we were full time storage auction buyers as well and we know what you guys are going through out there. We do our very best to save you time and give you every advantage over your competition. We’re glad that you’re pleased with the service.

  • I love this site! Since its time again i just wanna mention that public storage is a joke! You wait all day to see a handfull of terrible lockers. The manager does paperwork before and after each location. Plan on seeing 15 units in like four hours. I wont be attending anymore. Each locker has outdated junk.

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