Cool Texas Tattoos

Texas Tattoo

Ink is now the new wave of art with the exception that this type of 'art' you can take wherever you go. Only 10% of Americans do not like tattoos. About one in five adults in America have at least one tattoo. Over 30% have two tattoos. While I don't have the statistic on how many Texans embrace ink art; one thing is clear - Texas themed tattoos rock!

1. Longhorn

handsFierce fist - you do not want to mess with this guy!

2. Crows / Ravens

texas-crowsNot sure if the birds represent crows or ravens; but the flight is awesome!

3. Confederate

confederate-flagHistory buff or someone who doesn't like Yankees.

4. Pride

texas-madeTexas born and bred!

5. Rose

texas-roseFeminine. Beautiful. Strong.

6. Outlaw

texas-outlawDouble six-shooter - for the lawfully lawless.

7. Total Tex

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACactus, flag, flower, state, star, and sun... This tattoo totally represents the Lone Star state.

8. Slogan

don't mess with texasTexas motto is 'friendship.' Texas slogan contradicts that - Don't Mess With Texas!

9. University of Texas

longhorn-signTexans immediately recognize the Longhorn hand sign from the University of Texas.

10. Longhorn

horns1It doesn't get any better than this - combine the state flag with a longhorn.

Which Texas theme tattoo did you like best?

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