Find Real Treasure Inside Your Storage Unit

Want to know the odds of winning the lottery? It’s 175 million to one. Sigh. Odds of death by shark attack half that. Okay, let’s stay away from shark infested water.

Odds of finding “real treasure” inside a storage unit up for auction possibly better than the odds of being struck by lighting. Maybe…

Here are a few true accounts of auction hunters who found real treasure inside their storage units.

Storage auction bidder found a handkerchief inside a box. Carefully wrapped inside the handkerchief were 10 bars of pure gold. Each piece weighed one ounce and lot sold for $6,500.

Another auction hunter found a safe. Most safes are empty but this one had gold, silver, diamonds, pearls, cash, and the lot sold for $9,500.

Imagine finding $62,000 in cash inside your storage unit.

News agencies everywhere reported a colossal treasure find termed as the “Pirate’s Booty.” Californian auction hunter found 1,700 coins as well as a few gold and silver bars inside a Rubbermaid container. The coins appraised by an expert as "Pieces of Eight" dating back 200 years.

To get an idea of how much bullion was found, the Rubbermaid container weighed 250 pounds. Literally took three men to move the container out of the unit. Pirate Booty valued at $500,000!

I know what you’re thinking. The odds of you finding rare treasure are slim to none. Truth is, auction hunters find items valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Not every treasure find makes the news or is reported.

Unfortunately, the mega lottery treasures inside storage units are uncovered by law enforcement too. Feds found $1 Million in cash linked to a sham charity operation in Florida. Feds confiscated $1.5 Million in silver bars, silver and gold coins, as well as $75,000 in cash at a storage unit related to a drug arrest.

The treasure is out there, somewhere. Maybe you’ll find a troy ounce of gold or a few silver coins. For a Pirate Treasure chest find full of silver and gold, the odds may not be in your favor. The odds of digging up treasure inside a storage unit throughout years of auction hunting are probably better than winning the lotto. Maybe...

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