Storage Auction Parking

As storage auctions become more popular, you have to be prepared to deal with crowds. Most storage facilities are not very well-equipped to deal with the large turnout that often arrives at auctions. Needless to say, this can be a logistical nightmare for the storage facility's staff and make parking especially difficult for the buyers. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help make navigating the crowd easier:

  • Find a space near the exit so you can leave easily. At the end of the auction, everyone will crowd the exit and it can be difficult to get out. Be sure to leave enough space around you to prevent your car from being blocked, and make sure that there's a clear path between your car and the gate. Try to park facing the right direction as turning around might not be easy. Arriving at the facility early will help you secure a good spot.
  • Since most storage facilities only have a few parking spaces near the office, most people will end up parking near the storage units themselves. If you do park in front of a unit, be sure that the unit doesn't have a red lock or tag. This is used to designate a unit that will go up for auction, and you'll need to move your car if it's parked in front of one of these units. Save yourself the trouble and park in a more out-of-the-way spot instead.
  • Whenever possible, consider parking further away and walking to the auction. When you win a unit and start cleaning, you can always retrieve your vehicle to start loading up merchandise. If you do park on the street or a neighboring parking lot, be sure to obey any traffic laws or parking lot rules. If you have a friend interested in auctions, you can car-pool and save on gas and parking space.
  • Make sure you're not blocking anyone from entering or exiting the storage unit or their cars. Be careful about leaving too much room, though, as that might invite people to squeeze in next to you and make it impossible to get out later.

Some auctions will be more crowded than others, and you may not be able to employ every strategy. Nevertheless, following these tips will help prevent some of the major hassles that come up while parking at a storage facility. As you get more experience with a particular facility, it will become easier to identify the best spots.

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