Storage Auction Schools – Worth Their Salt?

Storage Auction School

In my opinion, paying for a course to learn about storage auctions is unnecessary. Our storage auction blog is completely free and available to the public. You can rest assured that the information you receive on this blog will be objective. Some of the companies that sell storage auction courses are using marketing practices that over exaggerate profitability. They also neglect to inform the their potential customers about the current conditions that are affecting all storage auction buyers. Besides, what information could they possibly provide that isn't already available to the public?

In my opinion, these self-proclaimed schools are nothing more than overpriced e-books; However, I would love to get some feedback from the creators or users of these courses. Even if you haven't used one of these courses, do you think they are worth their salt?

This subject is open for debate and I welcome your interesting and creative responses.

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  • I actually personally sell an e-book but I would agree that they are unnecessary. Whatever information people gain from an e-book or storage auction school is the same info they can obtain by reading your blog or a number of other blogs on the subject. There’s also a number for forums out there where people can ask questions and search and read previous questions and discussions.

    That said, is it a total waste? I guess not, some people would rather pay a few bucks for info allready consolidated and organized for them so they don’t have to scour the net. That said though the same info any book or course is selling you can be found for free on blogs and forums or just by talking to a veteran you meet at a storage auction in your area.

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