Storage Auctions: Fun for the Whole Family?

Storage Auction FamilyWhen you think of fun family activities, storage auctions might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, maybe they should be. After all, a storage auction offers a great opportunity to spend time with your kids and teach them valuable lessons about money. Whether you’re attending the auction to find items to use in your own house or plan to sell the items for a profit, your kids can learn a lot about the life cycle of household goods and how to effectively manage cash to make a profit on resale.

The other benefit to bringing your kids to an auction is that emptying out a storage unit takes a lot of work. Having extra hands available to haul out items, pack away trash and sweep up the unit can definitely come in handy. This is especially true if your kids are older teens capable of heavy lifting.

If you do plan on bringing your family along to an auction, here are a few things to keep in mind to make things go more smoothly:
-- Ask ahead to see if the facility will allow minors. Some won’t let kids attend an auction due to liability risks.

-- Make a plan for the day. Auctions can run long. Bring some snacks in the car and map out the route to all of your auctions if you plan to attend more than one. Planning will prevent some of the crankiness after a long day.

-- Remember that auctions can be dirty, crowded, hot and full of strangers. If your kids are younger, find a sitter or leave them with the other parent so you don’t risk annoying fellow auction-goers.

-- Consider bidding together on an online auction instead. This will allow you to spend time together unloading the unit without the added time standing in the heat bidding. It’s a good compromise if your kids don’t have the time or attention span to commit to a full day of auction-hunting.

Like most activities, bringing your kids to an auction can require additional planning, but the rewards may be well worth the effort. You may even find a willing partner for your resale business once they get a bit more experience under their belts.

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