The Waiting Game at Storage Unit Auctions

Storage Unit Buyers

There's usually a lot of waiting to do before an auction. You'll need to show up early enough to get good parking, and the auctioneer could be delayed coming from the last auction of the day. You don't have to consider all of this waiting to be lost time, though. There are several things you can do during this down time that can help your business in the long run:

  • Stay in touch. If you have a smart phone with Internet capabilities, you can use it to check your email to see if a potential customer has contacted you about something you're selling. You can contact your regular buyers to see if anybody is looking for something specific so you can keep your eyes out at the auction. You can also check in on your eBay auctions or other listings, allowing you to continue running your business.
  • Network with other buyers. Different people will have different specializations and interests, and you might be able to use that to your advantage. You might find someone who looks for a specific type of item who would be willing to buy those items from you in the future. You could also find out about other sales and get industry-specific information from fellow buyers.
  • Chat with the facility owner. Being on friendly terms with the storage facility's owner is a good way to get insider information and keep your business running smoothly. You might get some tips about the contents of the storage units, and being a “regular” could earn you some extra benefits, like waived cleaning deposits, if the owner builds up trust with you.
  • Plan your route. Many auctions often happen on the same day, and you might be headed to another auction right after this one. By taking some time to plan your route, you can save yourself a few hassles. Most smart phones come with navigational apps or Google Maps so it's easy to figure out the fastest way to get somewhere.

By taking advantage of the free time you have between auctions, you can help keep yourself organized and plan your move for the next event. Between planning your auctions and networking with others in the business, you can maximize the benefits of your auction-hunting.

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