Victor Rjesnjansky Bio

Victor Rjesnjansky

A Long Island native, Victor Rjesnjansky moved to Texas five years ago in search of cheaper living and a new adventure. He's a member of the Storage Wars: Texas cast, and his celebrity net worth is about $1 million thanks to his involvement on the show and his successful business ventures. He owns a revolving estate sale and a consignment store which he keeps stocked with items bought at auction.

Known as “the Outsider” or “Slick Vick,” Victor has a hard time fitting in with the Dallas locals, which he refers to as “rednecks.” He's a fast-talker and prefers a leisurely and decadent lifestyle. While he'll bid on anything that might turn a profit, Victor specializes in vehicles from motorcycles to boats and golf carts. These he collects in his yard and garage until he can find a place to resell them.

Before moving to Texas, Victor was already a frequent auction hunter in New York. He started searching through auctions in 1990, and he's gained a lot of experience and techniques since then that are put to good use on the show. He appreciates healthy profits from many of his purchases, and the website for his consignment shop, 31 House, helps draw more business as curious fans of the show look him up online.

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  • Victor said to a football coach he had a Viet Nam injury. I’m a disabled Viet Nam vet and he looks awful young. Is he a true Nam vet? If not an apology is due to all Veterans.

    • I heard him make such a statement in a video where he was trying to throw a football. While he did not say he was a Veteran, it was implied and one would infer from his comment that he was. If he was in Vietnam, it was as a child tourist. As the brother of a wounded and decorated Vietnam Veteran, I resent this schmuck making such a comment. I request that he demonstrate his military service in Vietnam or apologize for such a misleading statement. He can also make a substantial contribution to Veteran causes anonymously.The producers of this program should hold their ‘characters’ responsible for their statements.

      Real military veterans who were in harm’s way, thank you for your service.

  • what is happening with victor? he’s the best one in it and hardly seen him please
    please please get him in it all the time instead of all the rubbish ones u keep
    bringing in like that stupid brit david why? i’m british was ashamed for him. he
    looks like joe p off the new york one and he’s pathetic as well. so give more air
    time to victor instead of mary who makes me cringe betty

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