Are The Storage Auction Reality Shows Staged?

Although entertaining, the storage auctions reality shows do not depict storage auctions accurately. Auction Hunters is a little far-fetched, showing some incredible finds in almost every episode. Not that you couldn't find items similar to what they have found, it just doesn't happen quite that often. I believe that the producers recognized the things being said about the program and decided to respond to the comments directly through the content in the first episode of the second season, in which, they were very direct when informing the audience that most storage units contain common items. Storage Hunters is a joke, with all of it's fights and expletives. Storage Wars is a little more believable, although the drama lately is getting a little thick. Keep in mind that these shows must be entertaining otherwise they wouldn't be on the air for long. They are showing their best finds, and who knows how many storage units they had to purchase before they found one worthy to be put on television. If you are new to the storage auction scene, take these shows with a grain of salt.

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  • Auction Hunters is so fake. They claim to make $10,000 profit on almost every episode. If you could make that kind of money buying storage units, I would have retired 15 years ago.

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