Dr. Morris “Moe” Prigoff Bio

Dr Morris Moe Prigoff

As a practicing podiatrist and owner of two businesses, Dr. Morris Prigoff certainly stays busy. Morris, or as he's more commonly called, “Moe,” has been a member of the Storage Wars Texas team since the first episode in December of 2011. Since then, he's made quite an impression thanks to his naturally charming and flamboyant personality; he's the fan favorite of many and helps bring a new personality to the team.

Dr. Morris graduated from Syracuse University and left to study medicine in Cleveland. He's been a practicing podiatrist, or foot doctor, for the past 40 years. Among his many patients have been professional athletes from the Dallas hockey and basketball teams. Somehow, amid the time he spends performing surgeries, running his antiques business and hunting storage auctions, he still has enough time to be an active lecturer and publish several podiatric papers.

The doctor has an eye for fashion and collects antiques and art to stock both a gallery and his boutique shop, “River Regency Modern.” He's been collecting antiques for more than 30 years and has developed an impeccable eye for good taste and valuables. He's been in the resale business for about 10 years. His non-valuable finds get piled in his backyard, much to the annoyance of his wife.

Unlike other auction hunters, Moe isn't interested in quantity so much as he is quality. The items he sells in his boutique shop are extremely valuable, and he doesn't bother with smaller items. The strategy has paid off. His participation on Storage Wars Texas combined with the profits of his businesses has made him worth an impressive $4 million, a figure bound to rise.

Moe is also responsible for bringing new cast member Mary Padian on board the show. Moe is a regular shopper at her store, Mary's Finds, and encouraged her to come out auction hunting in season one; she's now a full-time member of the auction team and part of the duo that replaced Jerry Simpson and Lesa Lewis this season.

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