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Bubba Smith Storage Wars Texas

Ricky Smith's nephew, Bubba is every bit the Texas gentleman of his uncle. He didn't grow up around the auction industry, but decided to pursue the lifestyle after spending a few unsatisfying years behind a desk. He's been in the auction industry since 1991 and has learned everything he knows about the trade from Ricky.

Bubba's worth a half-million on his own due in part to his role in Storage Wars: Texas and the work he does with his uncle in maintaining their distribution warehouse. Unlike other auction hunters, Bubba and Ricky don't run a consignment store; instead, they sell items to a wide network of private buyers.

Bubba helps his uncle with the technological aspects of the job, and he's quite proficient with computers. He's also an appreciator of fine art, and he hopes to maintain his own private collection or gallery some day. He does, however, get uncomfortable in tight spaces like storage units due to his extreme claustrophobia. Nevertheless, there's plenty of other work to do, and he and Ricky make a formidable tag-team opponent during auctions.

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  • My friend Archie in Toronto Canada loves it when Bubba and Ricky from Texas Storage Wars are highlighted. He thinks that they are great. Is there any chance that I could have a signed photograph To Archie from both Bubba and Ricky. It would make his year.

    • Morgan,

      Were not affiliated with Bubba & Ricky or the show; however I might be able to point you in the right direction. Ricky owns an auction house called Lampasas Warehouse located in Lampasas, Texas. I’ll put a link to his website at the end of this post. I would get on the website and click on the contact us button. If you send them an email requesting an autographed photo, I wouldn’t be surprised if they sent you one. I’m unsure whether they charge for the autographed photos & shipping or whether they are even willing to send you one, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Click the following link to visit their website. http://www.lampasaswarehouse.com/

      • Good Day,

        Thank you for your advice and the time that you spent composing this email
        to me. I received the autographed photo of Bubba and Ricky today!


  • Flobber & Blobber ort to leave the show. They make me sick, because they are so untrustworthy and counterfeit, trying to apear cool and machio – they appeare just as two small overweith boys living home with mama. Uachh! I can not wach the show because of them.

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