Houston Storage Auctions

Houston Storage AuctionsAs a thriving metropolis, Houston has a lot to offer to the would-be treasure-hunter. If you’ve always wanted to try storage auctions but weren’t sure how to get started, here’s some good news: It’s easier than you might think to find storage auctions in Houston. In fact, there are many methods for finding upcoming auctions, and understanding your options will help you choose the best one for your needs.

All storage auctions, by law, must be advertised in a public place, such as a newspaper or website. This means that you’ll always have advance notice of a sale if you know where to look. Local newspapers both large and small will run ads for upcoming auctions. Don’t overlook small papers for suburbs around the Houston area; these can be some of the best sales as fewer people will know about them.

If you don’t feel like scouring through local newspapers in search of auction information, you can also try your luck with contacting facilities directly. This is particularly helpful if you’re looking for the auction schedule of just a handful of facilities, such as those close to home. Before calling the facility manager, however, check the company’s website. Many storage facilities run their auctions on a pre-set schedule and post a calendar of upcoming events online. Checking the site saves you time and prevents you from being seen as a nuisance by potentially overworked facility managers.

Of course, all of this is time-consuming, and you probably have other things on your plate. If you want to find the best storage auctions in Houston without putting in hours of labor, your best bet is to subscribe to an auction listing service like AuctionsTX.com. This service does the work for you by looking for auction listings all over the web, in print and other sources before compiling all of that information into one place for you.

Many auction listing services claim to provide detailed information about auctions around the country, but most of these big sites list only a few auctions per city and are copying information from other sites. AuctionsTX works differently. By focusing purely on Texas cities and employing a full staff to find information, AuctionsTX is able to offer the largest and most thorough storage auction listing for Houston residents available anywhere on the web. Taking advantage of this resource might be your first step toward an exciting new life as a Houston auction hunter.

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