Making a Living with Storage Auctions

Making Living Storage AuctionsAlthough jobs are picking up around the country, the economy is still uncertain for many people. You may be working a less fulfilling job than you wanted or are still looking for work. Whatever the situation, you may want to try creating a job for yourself. One excellent place to get started is by going to storage auctions to gather items for resale.

Resale businesses have many benefits. You can set your own hours, pursue your interests and be your own boss. It’s not an easy line of work, but it can be very fun and very rewarding. When you look for profitable items within storage units, you can find yourself acting the part of a modern-day treasure hunter.

Of course, some treasures are worth more than others, and you’ll need to be prepared to sift through ample amounts of trash to reach those valuable treasures. The average storage unit will contain a lot of tax document, old clothes, family photos and other items that will hold no value for you. However, many will also contain electronics, furniture, antiques and valuables that can be resold for a tidy profit.

The trick to succeeding with storage auctions is to bid conservatively and never spend more than you know you can make back in profits. This requires some research into what items sell the best and what items are worth on the resale market, and you may make some mistakes at first. As you gain proficiency, however, you will swiftly become more competent at profiting from every auction you attend. Soon you may find that your resale profits can supplement or even replace the income from your day job.

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  • Be prepared to work your butt off to make that living, too. There is plenty to make, but research and being ready at the drop of a hat is a must.

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