How Do I Know Which Auctions Were Advertised In Smaller Local Newspapers?

Most large cities have multiple smaller cities and towns within them and most of them have their own local newspaper. Subscribing to and reading them all every day isn't an option. Don't worry though, we have you covered. At, we provide a comprehensive list of every storage auction occurring within Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and their surrounding areas.

Over half of the storage facilities in these areas don't advertise in the large, mainstream newspapers due to the cost or because they are located in a suburban or rural area and aren't in the newspaper's coverage area. These other storage facilities typically place their public notices in  smaller newspapers located within their immediate area. Public notices placed in these local newspapers typically get less exposure, resulting in fewer bidders attending the event. These are the auctions you want to go to because when there is less competition, chances are you will be able to buy a unit at a better price.

So, how can you tell which storage auctions were advertised in smaller, local newspapers?

In our auction list, we highlight all auctions that weren't listed in the mainstream newspapers in bold print.

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