Storage Wars May Cut Three Cast Members For Season 6

Storage Wars, A&E’s most successful reality series to date may cut three of its cast members for season 6, as reported by Radar Online.


It’s unclear.

A&E currently denies these rumors, but all of season’s 5 episodes have been filmed.

Another significant fact is that the contracts for all the current cast members have yet to be renewed.

Storage Wars season 4 is currently airing on A&E.

Darrell Sheets, also known as “The Gambler,” was cut out of six episodes on season 5 which is yet to air. A&E honored his current contract agreement, but then filmed more episodes without him.

Darrell’s pissed to say the least.

Auctioneers and married couple Dan and Laura Dotson are not pleased that they too were cut back on their appearances for the next season.

Any Storage War fan will tell you the married auctioneer pair has become such an intricate part of the show, who could replace them?

Darrell believes A&E cut back on his appearances because of money, but doesn’t everything in Hollywood hinge on money?

Cast members Barry Weiss, Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante are fan favorites. You know A&E will not drop these three cast members from Storage Wars.

Darrell’s fan popularity however may be just a step above Dave Hester, who sued A&E after he was blocked from filming any episodes on season 4 of Storage Wars.

That opened a whole can of worms.

Dave’s lawsuit alleges that A&E approached cast members to rent valuable items then plant them in their lockers. Hester also stated that the producers of the show also salted the storage units to create a bit of sensationalism.

Darrell won’t comment on the allegations of the pending lawsuit against A&E. Neither will the Dan or Laura. There’s still a few months left before the cast's contracts can be renewed.

The future however remains unclear for Darrell, Dan or Laura.

Will A&E drop three cast members from Storage Wars and replace them with cheaper talent?

What do you think?

UPDATE: It appears that A&E is continuing on with Season 4 even though they had new episodes. It may be season 5 in which the three members may be dropped from the series. Status still unknown.

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    • Greed plays a large factor for sure in “actors” wanting more money for new seasons. In this particular case, is it the greed of the executives or do you think Darrell, Dan, and Laura are asking more than A&E is willing to pay out. Which is the greedy party?

    • I do believe the cast members make the show, but you must admit without Dave Hester on the 4th season, everyone appears more at ease. Cast seems to really be enjoying themselves. Like a dark cloud has been lifted. Dave Hester the famous villain is now gone and it didn’t stop the popularity of the series. Do you think Darrell will be missed at all? I think the auctioneers are such an intricate part, you’ll feel their absence.

  • Laura and Dan make that show without them to me there is no show. Oh ya and having Dave the dark cloud gone brings in the light to the show.

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