Crazy & Creepy Stuff Found Inside Storage Units

Do you watch the news? You may see a lot of crazy stunts people pull or hear creepy stories that make your skin crawl. I have some news for you. What’s crazy and creepy out in the world sometimes is put away inside storage units, which then go up for auction.


Did you read the 2012 story about 97-year old Ann Bunch? Grandma was laid to rest inside a blue coffin, which by the way was stored inside a storage locker for 17 years! Now while this particular unit did not go up for auction, there are stories in which a storage unit contained


Storage Wars star Darrell Sheets found a female human corpse wrapped in plastic inside a locker he bought a time back. Police determined the husband who rented the locker killed his wife then stuffed her inside the unit. Sounds like an episode from C.S.I. If you don’t find a corpse, you may find urns filled with ashes.


If you don’t find a corpse or ashes, you may find photos of dead people. Jarrod and Brandi from Storage Wars stated they uncovered black and white photos dating back to the 1800s. Yes, the people in the photos were deceased surrounded by their families.


Prepare yourself for the creepy-creep-creepiest thing you’ve heard yet. Widely reported back in 2012, a man bought a storage unit for $900. What treasures did he find? Body parts. Human body parts from over 100 people. Limbs, organs, and about ten brains.


Very Frankensteinian. (I think I just threw up in my mouth.) Collect yourself, there’s more creepy and crazy.

A dead mannequin. But a mannequin can’t die, right? Inside a unit up for auction was a female mannequin in the middle of the floor. Mannequin was covered in red paint. Naked. Had multiple stab wounds on the torso.

OH, (bleep)!

What is wrong with people? Wait there’s more. Imagine a bunch of rat traps with tiny dolls pinned on them. Ugh! And about Madonna, the singer.

Oh, we know she's had crazy music videos in the past, but she’s not the problem. Her stalker defaulted on his storage unit. Inside the locker a weird clown mask, a butcher knife, and a headless doll...

I think I’ll skip lunch. I’ve just lost my appetite.

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