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Barry Weiss Quits Storage Wars

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Barry Weiss quits Storage Wars and will not return for season five.

It has not been officially confirmed by A&E but it’s considered a done deal. An insider source reported that Barry secretly taped a farewell episode or speech yet to be aired. He said in the clip,

"It was fun doing this, but I’m out of here."

Unlike the rumors surrounding the possible firing of Darrell Sheets and Dan & Laura Dotson for cheaper talent and franchise expansion, this breaking news about The Collector appears to be true.

The insider source stated Barry Weiss wants to travel more. However, if you think about it, Storage Wars doesn’t film that many episodes per season.

So what’s the real reason behind Barry leaving?

Could it be related to accusations by Dave Hester in a lawsuit against A&E that Storage War is rigged? Insider source stated Barry could care less about any controversy surrounding the show. Insider went on to state that all profitable products found by Barry Weiss inside storage units were planted by the producers.

That's exactly Dave Hester's claim.

The insider source also stated that Barry Weiss doesn’t purchase his lockers but that the production company, Original Productions, buys them for him.

Well that’s convenient, if true, small wonder why Barry doesn’t mind losing money on storage units.

There were rumors that Barry Weiss would star in a spin-off show, "What Are You Worth?" However A&E has not confirmed or denied that rumor either.

Barry Weiss is the most eccentric player on the Storage Wars who shows up to auctions in unique vehicles.

He also lathers each episode with his shenanigans and is considered the most popular cast member and fan favorite.

When Barry leaves that may hurt the show’s ratings which towered at 5.1 million viewers in the second season.


The Collector has not been fired.

Barry Weiss is quitting Storage Wars on his own volition.

The question is "Why?"

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Barry Weiss Bio

barry weiss

A life-long collector, Barry Weiss has been attending auctions since he was 15 to satiate his need for collectibles. Now in his 60s, Barry has a lot of experience to draw from and a keen eye for the unusual. Though he has more money to spend than most of his competitors, he still loses his temper frequently when he loses money on an auction. This sort of intensity is one of the things that's propelled him through his career and certainly endears him to fans.

Unlike others on the show, Barry doesn't have a long history with storage unit auctions. Indeed, he only began frequenting these auctions after being invited by the producers of Storage Wars. He is, however, a lifelong antiques collector, and many of the items he buys go toward his own private collections. Everything he doesn't want to keep gets sold or donated. As a wealthy retiree, Barry is more interested in the thrill of the hunt than making a profit on his findings.

Prior to his retirement, Barry and his brother actually made a fortune in agriculture as an importer and exporter of exotic produce. His business, Northern Produce, is located in Commerce, California and is still operating, though Barry has since retired. His brother is still the CEO of the company. Barry's 25 years of owning a business has given him plenty of money to spend on his passions, which include collecting antiques and traveling the world. He's estimated to be worth about $7 million, but much of that money is tied up in antiques and collector's cars.

Barry's known among other auction-hunters as a bit of an odd-ball. Some of his tactics are certainly unorthodox, from consulting psychics to wearing night vision goggles to peer into a dark storage unit. He also tends to wear outlandish and flamboyant clothing, especially his signature skeleton-patterned gloves, and certainly stands out in a crowd.

Of course, some of these tactics may simply be a way to put his competitors off, and he certainly succeeds with that quite often. Either way, he as a lot of fun doing what he does, and his energy is a breath of fresh air in an often tense industry.