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barry weiss

A life-long collector, Barry Weiss has been attending auctions since he was 15 to satiate his need for collectibles. Now in his 60s, Barry has a lot of experience to draw from and a keen eye for the unusual. Though he has more money to spend than most of his competitors, he still loses his temper frequently when he loses money on an auction. This sort of intensity is one of the things that's propelled him through his career and certainly endears him to fans.

Unlike others on the show, Barry doesn't have a long history with storage unit auctions. Indeed, he only began frequenting these auctions after being invited by the producers of Storage Wars. He is, however, a lifelong antiques collector, and many of the items he buys go toward his own private collections. Everything he doesn't want to keep gets sold or donated. As a wealthy retiree, Barry is more interested in the thrill of the hunt than making a profit on his findings.

Prior to his retirement, Barry and his brother actually made a fortune in agriculture as an importer and exporter of exotic produce. His business, Northern Produce, is located in Commerce, California and is still operating, though Barry has since retired. His brother is still the CEO of the company. Barry's 25 years of owning a business has given him plenty of money to spend on his passions, which include collecting antiques and traveling the world. He's estimated to be worth about $7 million, but much of that money is tied up in antiques and collector's cars.

Barry's known among other auction-hunters as a bit of an odd-ball. Some of his tactics are certainly unorthodox, from consulting psychics to wearing night vision goggles to peer into a dark storage unit. He also tends to wear outlandish and flamboyant clothing, especially his signature skeleton-patterned gloves, and certainly stands out in a crowd.

Of course, some of these tactics may simply be a way to put his competitors off, and he certainly succeeds with that quite often. Either way, he as a lot of fun doing what he does, and his energy is a breath of fresh air in an often tense industry.

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  • Hello Barry,
    My husband and I love to watch your technique on Storage Wars, I kind of knew you were a classey guy, buy the unusual objects and love for the bizzar…

    Love to watch you and sending you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

    Patti & Jack

  • Hi Barry
    I feel bad that you don’t have a partner to go with you on your searches. I love a classy guy that knows how to dress, has great taste in vehicles, a quirky sense of humor and has not lost his sense of fun. Good luck on your auction searches!

  • Hi Barry, I love watching you on storage wars. Also, I love your collection of cars that amaze me on how they’re built in imagination especially when you show them in storage wars. I’m a big fan of yours and admire your work. Keep up the great job in your classic cars.

  • Just looked at your bio. And just like I thought, you are the man I thought you were; the entrepreneur. I’ll be watching Storage Wars looking for my best bud and the rest of the crew.
    Yuuup. LOL

  • Nikkolous,
    Not only is Barry a successful businessman, and seemingly eccentric and fun fella………he is obviously a womans man and a seasoned player!! There is no foul in women trying to catch his attention! I bet he is up for the adventure. And, he is obviously a smart man and knows how to protect his assets from anyone trying to get into his pockets opposed to his pants!
    Live and let live and have some fun along the way!!

    Keep bringing the excitement Barry!! Good luck in your next auction battle and may you find treasure!

    A fellow auction junky,

  • Hiya Barry
    You crack me up. I am your age bracket too. Had companies in high tech, now retired. Lots in common: wild dresser, luv cars, dry wit. Luv ya, Lana

  • Merry Christmas Barry;
    I love watchiing you on Storage wars. You are so totally awesome and crack me up. I just think you are so cool. If you are ever in Northwest Florida area, look me up as I would LOVE meeting you someday. You are my kind of person.
    Barb LaDieu
    Fort Walton Beach, Florida

  • I’ve got a great idea for a new show staring Barry and a bunch of gold digging hags looking for a free ride. Barry drives his custom tractor trailer (fitted with beds, cameras and wall to wall shag carpeting across the country in search of storage lockers. Barry never participates in sex with them but picks up total strangers along the way and forces them at gunpoint to service the gold diggers who will do whatever it takes to please Barry. No money exchanges hands because Barry has convinced them all that just knowing him will enrich their useless live beyond their wildest imagination.

  • Dear Barry,

    You interest me. I love watching you on the show. We are both jews and around the same age. I’ve been collecting antiques for 50 years. My last husband is in the produce business, you might recognize my name.

    I do not like communicating on the internet, nor do I know how to retrieve e-mails. You can google me to see who I am. To reach me, call 411, I am listed.

  • Hi, Barry!

    Were you really locked in the bathroom? I can’t tell you how hysterical that is.

    Did you sell that miniature piano? Can I buy it from you?

  • Dear Barry,

    You no longer interest me. I don’t wait for anyone. Stick with the golddiggers…which I am not.

    My car is nicer than anything you have ever sat in. A 2011 GTC as in convertible V12 engine, 1 of 80 in the world Bentley, black on black, that’s what I drive. I have a l65 IQ and a temper.

    This is my last message…

    • Lol you are pathetic can u spell desperate and pompous? Your looks alone would make Barry leave skid marks going in the other direction! How materialistic are you? I mean do you actually think a nice car would replace basic instincts? Yes, you are pathetic!

      • Very well said pal, maybe the granny are the one that should stick to very needy goldigger men, what a plastic brain for a person so old..LOOOL

        • Easy there, Silktap. You are merely witnessing the courting rituals of the wealthy, American Jew. While this behavior clearly doesn’t appeal to you, most Jewish men have a sincere appreciation for the Jewish woman’s willingness to immediatly display the manner in which she will be a pain in the @ss for the duration of the relationship.

  • I watched my first Storage Wars episode last night. I really enjoyed it watched the two more back to back episodes that followed it. I live to do the flea market and find it very entertaining and rewarding. I never know what the next person in the door will try to sell or trade. I haven’t gotten into auctions yet but hope to try my first next summer. As far as the show goes I find the characters so much like different people I know from real life. That is with the exception of Barry. I just can’t quite to seem to fit him in. It’s just as good because I find him the most entertaining person on the show. I’m not sure what he’ll do next, with the exception of doing it late. I’ll be watching a lot more episodes before next summer in an attempt to learn the fine art of storage bidding. If I find a pair of Barry looking gloves I’ll start wearing at the market as a type of salute.

  • Love your eccentricity (sp.?), and just your approach to life. I would love to meet you if you are ever in Las Vegas, just for dinner, of course. Am moving back to Dana Point in a few monhs. This is not like me. But you make me laugh. I don’t expect a reply, and if I get one I will probably say, “What the hell was I thinkng?”

  • Hi Barry, Love the show and always waiting to see what you’ll come up with next. I feel bad for you sometimes when you get a locker and there is not much in there to add to your collection. If you eveer come across a musical instrument that I really don’t know what it is actually called, but I call it a Foot Base (pedal base) which i use to play when I was younger (teenage years), it was an electronic 36 pedal (or so) unit which measured approx 36″ in lenght, 24″ in depth and approx 4″ in thickness, once you removed the cover you would lay it on the floor and be able to play the pedals with your feet, while I played the guitar and sang. It was quite the unit but I could never locate one so I thought I would mention it to the pro. Keep up the great work on the show, i try and never miss an episode, even watch the reruns and marithons….:) your fan from Sudbury Ontario Canada.

  • Hi Barry

    Just wanted to know how you can to wear a British Parachute Regiment AB jacket during a few of the shows, was it in a locker or are you ex Airborne?

    All the best,
    Ex Regiment.

  • Woo Hoo Barry ! Would you have every believed you would become America’s senior heart throb ! ! ! LOL
    Love your sense of humor ” BED BUGS and BEYOND”. WTF ! I think your next profession should be as a comediean ! You’ve got the “WIT” factor ! PS If you ever run across a 61 Ford Starliner let me know ! ! !

  • Just love the show. Turned it on one day when I was bored and have been watching it ever since. You make the show. Always look forward to your next “antics”. You give the show class, more than I can say for a couple of them. Not only that you are handsome to boot. 🙂 Enjoy life and have fun.

  • Have to tell you, whether you are certifiable, or just having fun like the rest of us seniors would love to do, you you are why the show is watched. Have a good one, and don’t be late the next time you take your mother with you. 🙂

  • Wow! your e-mails are almost as funny as you, Barry. Yes, I am an old lady! Much too old for you! Whats more, as far as men go I stopped looking long before they did. But…if I happen to get another go-round in life, you would be exactly what I would be looking for! God Bless Barry, Patti

  • Nice to see a man of means who is positive and not too full of himself. Quick-witted and verbally skilled, he makes Mr. malaprop (the low-brow porker clad in the wife beater shirt who displays his ignorance unabashedly) reveal the real buffoon of the show. What a great choice in casting!


  • If this makes it’s way to you, Barry, I think you’re a hoot. Would’ve written off Storage Wars long ago as ratings grabbing with so much drama thrown in to the point of most of it being fake. But your antics keep us watching, you goof ball. Will be in Vegas in mid October if you ever hop over the state line. (Our 30th anniversary). Would love to surprise my husband with having a drink with the nutty Barry Weiss! It’ll be his birthday when we’re there. He’s a car nut too. Built his own hot rod. He loves some of the things you show up in. He’d really love to enjoy a cigar with you, but he WON’T be dipping it in Brandy first!! Bah ha ha.

  • Hi Barry, as an ex British Para, I am interested to hear how you came by the Regimental crest worn on your jacket and felt there may be a story in there somewhere.
    Regards to you.

  • I just want to say I think Barry has the most class of anyone on the show. I also love his cars. Keep it up Barry

  • You are the only one on Storage Wars that does NOT piss me off. Yes you are a tad crazy in a nice sort of way but you always act the gentleman. I look at Darrell and if I was his son I would punch his lights out. As for that total $*!+ Jarrod my God he really thinks his self the greatest and yes he is, the greatest idiot on the show and I don’t know why Brandi puts up with such a class one fool. As for Hester what an arrogant $*!+ he is and glad he lost his court case.
    So as I said at the start of this you are the number one guy in this show and would love to meet you and shake your hand.

  • Hi Barry, we love watching the show, you are a funny,wild, cool crazy kind of guy, and you make the show amusing. Its funny watching you be so clumsy but all in all you are a great person!!! Your a great collector. Take care Jeanine 🙂

  • Mr Barry,the episode You was driving aroun. In that sweet 65/66 Ford wagon, you wanna sell the wagon? ?

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