Thrift Hunters: Meet the Cast

Thrift Hunters

SpikeTV’s new series Thrift Hunters  premiered January 4th following the coattails of the return of Auction Hunters.

The show follows business partners Jason T. Smith and Bryan Goodman.

Bryan is a Bostonian who had a penchant for digging through garage sales as well as looking for merchandise to flip at record shows throughout the Northeast.

His career began in camera sales, used office furniture business, and a luxury automobile dealership. Bryan became a top-notch negotiator, a top salesperson, and then climbed the ladder into a management position. He then turned his finely honed sales skills into a full-time power-seller on eBay.

Jason is a Midwesterner who frequented flea markets, garage sales and antique stores with his grandma, mom and aunts. He worked at record stores and learned to sell extra inventory on eBay. That’s when things turned that he began to buy and sell for himself to supplement his income.

He left his job to try thrifting full-time. He met Bryan at an eBay event and together they forged, “Thrifting with the Boys” which is a membership free group dedicated to help and mentor other eBay sellers by sharing hints and tips about acquiring items for resale at thrift stores.

How good are their mentoring chops?

Three members from their closed “Thrifting with the Boys” Facebook group shared how they bought an item for a small price and sold it for a huge profit.

  1. $10 in camera equipment - sold for $900
  2. $40 old car headlamp – sold for $1400
  3. $2 book – sold for $1200

Bryan and Jason’s favorite places to thrift shop are:

  • Savers – 250+ stores
  • Salvation Army – 1500+ stores
  • Goodwill Industries – 2500+ stores
  • Society of St. Vincent De Paul - LA and Long Beach
  • Deseret Industries – 45 stores in the Western states

Why should you watch?

Bryan and Jason are NOT actors. They are bonafide thrift hunters and you just might learn how to flip an unassuming item from a local thrift store into $$ profit.

Do you thrift hunt?

Please leave your insightful thoughts about this new series in the comment box below.

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  • on the show 2-22-14 Bryan bought a barking Dalmation, I have a Dalmation flash light, the dog is laying down when you push the botton his mouth opens and the light comes on inside, it also has the same bark sound track, if interested in buying it e-mail me..unfortunately, made in Japan…

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