What Types Of Valueables Can You Find In Self Storage Units?

The answer to this question is as broad as the horizon. You can find anything that you would normally find in a home or a business in a storage unit. Although most storage units contain a lot of common items, if you buy enough units, you are bound to find some real treasures in some.

I have personally bought that contained rifles, shotguns, pistols, mint proof sets, vintage guitars, high-end tools, stamp collections, coin collections, sports card collections, motorcycles, a antique Coke machine, high-end appliances, over 5K in new Gucci & Versace shoes, luxurious furniture & antiques. One of the best storage units that I bought contained a vintage guitar & a safe which contained gold, silver, cash, WWII & Civil War memorabilia, an antique revolver and an antique pocket watch collection. Although this doesn't happen often, you can find some amazing & quite valuable items in storage units.

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