What Does A Typical Storage Unit Contain?

Most self storage units contain household items like cookware, dishware, decorations, pictures, all types of furniture, bedding, clothing, accessories, books, antiques, tools, electronics, collectibles, lawn equipment, personal hygiene items or sometimes the remnants of a failed business. The good news is that there is a demand for all of these typical items, especially in a recession. Some people will say that others don't store valuable items like gold, cash, jewelry & guns in storage units. I can't argue with this statement, most people don't. Items like this are usually kept at their home. However, every now and then you will get lucky!

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  • That is a good summary…. I have some classifications I have come up with for the “types” of units…

    Relo – unit with contents from a relocation of a residence or business

    Overflow – unit with contents that were just too much to store at home

    Hail No – the infamous hoarder unit

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