Has A&E Replaced the Auctioneers on Storage Wars?

Has A&E replaced the auctioneers on Storage Wars?

Two new auctioneers, Johan Graham and her father Earl Graham, made their first appearance on Storage Wars in the episode, “The Monster Hash” which aired on May 7th. They are set to appear on another episode on May 14th.

Breaking news by Radar Online on May 1st reported that three cast members were dropped from Storage Wars. Cast members specified in the report included Darrell Sheets, and Dan & Laura Dotson the auctioneers.

The report stated the three cast members were frozen out of six episodes from season 5, but it appears the changeover for the new auctioneers is under way on season 4, which is currently airing on A&E.

Dan Dotson's family has a history in the auctioneer business since the 40s. Dan learned how to become an auctioneer at the age of eleven, and worked summers as an auctioneer at the age of sixteen.

He met Laura 1996 and together they work as a team at American Auctioneers. They conduct at least 1,500 auctions a year. A&E took noticed of their success and hired the married couple as auctioneers for Storage Wars.

However, the contracts for Dan and Laura Dotson have not been renewed for season six. According to reports from Radar Online, A&E seeks “cheaper” talent.

That would be Johan Graham and her father Earl. Johan learned how to become an auctioneer from her dad. She's the youngest and only female to become the California State Auctioneers Association champion in 2000. She and her father have 55 years combined in the auctioneer business.

However, both are rookies when it comes to storage auctions, which is the very crux of Storage Wars.

A&E has denied rumors that any cast members have been dropped from the show.

Fan chatter on A&E Storage Wars Facebook page pro for Dan and Laura and con against Johan. But it's early.

Yet, many fans so disappointed in the change out of auctioneers on just one episode, they have stated they will quit watching Storage Wars altogether if A&E drops the Dotsons.

There is still time for Dan and Laura to have their contracts renewed. By having Johan appear in the last episodes of season 4 and most likely on several episodes on season 5, is A&E testing the waters with the fans to see if they will accept the new auctioneers before A&E officially makes any statements who is hired and who is fired?

What do you think of the auctioneer changeover?

Keep the the Dotsons, or sign the Grahams.


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  • Patrioit – Apparently a lot of people. Read A&E Storage War’s Facebook page and you will see how upset fans are on the change out of auctioneers. Dan and Laura have been with the show since its inception, so of course the duo are among fan favorites. Chatter on Facebook and online forums not in favor of new auctioneers. So, yes, plenty of fans care.

  • Keep all the cast members on storage wars we the people started watching the show for the people and interesting items that made the show what it is today

    • While there is still time to renew contract for the Dotsons, it appears they may help jump start Storage Wars: Canada. Darrell Sheets complaint is that A&E isn’t willing to pay out the money to keep him on the show, in so many words. I don’t think Ivy Calvin would make a good replacement, nor Herb & Mike. The Harris brothers however are fun each time they make a guest appearance. Remember, any show that’s been on for a period of time, cast always seeks a bump in salary IF that show is successful. We don’t know the whole story here and probably won’t for a few more months.

  • The new auctioneers are God-Awful, and if they wind up replacing Dan and Laura with them, I certainly won’t be watching. Yes you can “tweak” the cast a little, but Dan and Laura are the focal point of the show. This new female is just irritatingly slow and stupid sounding, are her Dad Roy Rogers is a stiff.

    • Johan actually was titled the champion in California Auctioneer Association back in 2000. Youngest ever to win it and the only female to do so. In season 4 she was in two episodes. The second one was a tad slow but the lockers were pretty awful. I think she would hold up better as an auctioneer without her dad so that it does not appear one team has replaced another. Again, contracts still have time to be renewed. Let’s wait for the official word.

  • I like the new auctioneer i’m just glad that dave h is gone i didn’t like him at all . I do like laura . Dan is ok I don’t know glad i’m not incharge of this lol

    • I think Johan is cute as a button. Dan has years of experience in this business. Will be interesting when A&E makes their “official” announcement.

  • I can’t stand the new auctioneers. I will not watch the episode if it’s not Dan and Laura.

    • Kelly – Read A&E Facebook page. A lot of people feel the same as you. A&E may have been looking for cheaper talent, but unsure if they will sacrifice viewership to pay less. No official word yet.

      • Keep the current members of the show; the auctioners is what keeps us wAtching storage wars.
        We. will no longer watch it if the old members are replaced.

  • The new folks are aweful it’s bad enough Mr Yupp is gone, and those twins are a mess!!! If they go I’m going to stop watching the show.

    • The Harris brother are definitely lost when it comes to auction bidding, but there do add a lot of fun quips to the show. But I agree, they really are out of their element. Not getting a lot of love for Rene & Casey on the show, but I think a bit more humility and a little less arrogance would go a long way for Rene. There’s still no official word on who is going and who is staying at this time.

  • I met Johan while out and hung out with her. She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Everyone needs to stop hating and give her a chance! She is awesome!!

  • no more storage wars for me until don and laura comes back. hope u make the ratings. good luck u just lost another viewer.

  • With Barry Weiss now leaving the show, and the probability of Darrel, Dan, and Laura being replaced by cheaper talent, you can pretty well stick a fork in this, it’s done ! I’ll switch over to SWT until they screw that up too.

  • I do not like the new auctioneers. Johan is annoying. Will not watch when she is the auctioneer.

    • VNorris – She’s actually the only female and the youngest California Auctioneer Champion. She really knows her stuff. Give her a chance.

  • I CAN NOT stand the new auctioneer, Johan! I hate the way she sounds.

    “One hundred doll-rrr, doll-rrr, doll-rrr…”
    or “Eleven, eleven, ele-le-le-le-le…”

    What the heck is that?!? It’s like she can’t say more than 3 words or else she’ll get tongue tied. At least Dan & Laura could go 240 using more than a couple of words when running their auctions, and not sounding stupid saying stuff like “…rrr…” and “le le le” On top of that, the husband & wife team are naturally personable, whereas newbie Johan appears to be trying too hard. Nothing natural about that. Just annoying!

    The twins, NO! They’re so fake.
    Rene & his Hot Pants sidekick, NO! He’s like that dork that doesn’t realize he’s a dork and actually thinks of himself as cool.
    Ivy, MEH! He’s so-so for me. He needs to live’n up. He’s such a dud. And please stop overpricing the value of the junk you find. $25 for a dirty, dingy suitcase? I can go to Ross and find a new one for that price.
    Darrell Sheets, MEH! See above. Although he does seem a little more lively than Ivy, he’s not that much different. Boring! He’s labeled the Gambler. Seriously? He plays it safe more than anyone else on the show, including Brandi. If anyone is a gambler, I’d say it’s Barry Weiss. I wouldn’t be bummed if he left the show or if he stayed. He needs to beef up his game.
    Hester, GOOD RIDDANCE! Arrogant. Loudmouth. Troublemaker.
    Mark Balelo, YES! Unfortunately that’s not possible, but I actually liked when he appeared. He brought a different, new, original vibe to the show. I loved how he made the other bidders sweat, and the fact that he gave Hester hard rubs.

    Barry(love!), Jarrod, Brandi, KEEP! KEEP! KEEP!
    Don’t fix what’s not broken! Keep Dan & Laura!

    • Triptip – I don’t think there’s any problem in keeping Brandi and Jarrod. Barry wants to travel. He was never really in the storage auction business, so that’s not difficult to see. A&E is expanding to Canada and possibly Miami. That takes money. Darrell, Dan, and Laura want more money. That’s not gonna happen. Most likely scenario is that the three will be dropped and you’ll either have to get use to Johan or just stop watching Storage Wars. Johan has a different style and I prefer it to the “B’s” auctioneer chant of Dan. That butta, buh, buh, buh, is not unique but the standard among auctioneers.

  • Dan and Laura are great. Why change a true winner. Who will be next to save money…., Brandi and Jarrod. I think I will look for another show to watch if this happens.

    • Robert – In any business when you try to expand you must cut off your biggest costs in order to expand. Long-time stars will always get paid more than new stars. Complain to the A&E website or Facebook page to let your opinions be known.

  • I think everyone should give Johan a chance. She’s a class act as far as an auctioneer and a lady not to mention gorgeous. Maybe the women on here are bad mouthing her out of jealousy? I’m a licensed auctioneer and was very impressed seeing her sell the way she throws her voice, actions, pointing/hand motions, talking people into upping their bids. She’s just an all around auctioneers auctioneer who is very good at what she does. I’m glad A&E brought her out into the limelight…she deserves it. So to all you whiners bad mouthing the woman and her dad the only thing I can say about it is you don’t know a fantastic auctioneer when you see one. Not everybody recognizes talent like this like I do. This woman is going places in the auctioneer business. I’m not bad mouthing Dan but he better get up early and work hard because he has some fine competition with Johan. Earl, I’m sure you’re very proud of her…[x]Bob in Boston

    • Bob – She’s not a California Auctioneer Champion for nothing. I like her too. I think people should refocus their energy on who brought new auctioneers into the fold – A&E. They have a Facebook page where they can make their thoughts known. But honestly, time is running out for the Dotsons and Darrell Sheets. Contracts must soon be signed or it’s over and with the franchise expansion to Canada and soon to Miami, doesn’t look good. Johan was a very good choice if anyone had to fill the Dotson’s shoes.

  • I just want to share that I cannot stand watching any episode when that Rene guy and his gf is on the show. His voice is so irritating! His gf is so obviously uneducated. How can anyone listen to that?! I cringe just thinking about it.

    • Jen b – Rene is actually very approachable, friendly, takes time out for his fans AND works very hard at this thrift store. Give him a chance. He really is a very nice guy.

  • I for one am HAPPY, ECSTATIC, OVERJOYED that the unbelievably annoying Laura is getting thrown off the show. They open up a storage locker full of dog doody and she exclaims “wooooooooooo!!!!!”. I wonder how much farther Dan could have gone without her weighing him down.

    Johan is a champion. And she’s hot to boot.

  • I DO NOT like Johan ! Her voice is annoying and she had absoutly no personality , she is nasally . Her dad, however nice he may be adds nothing to the show but a body.
    While I am at it I will also just say I can not stand Jeff J ! He is a big cry baby and drives me absoutly nuts.
    He acts like he knows everything when in reality he knows nothing . Example – his comment that he had absoutly no idea what the guy said about the Russian dolls . I watched it on tv and understood everything he said !
    I understand the need to add new cast members to keep things interesting , while doing that keep in mind the old saying ” if it ain’t broke , don’t fix it .”

    • Shannon: Johan reaches the younger demographics, something that neither Dan nor Laura can do. Johan is a champion auctioneer and knows exactly what she is doing during auction. She is pleasant on the eyes and think about it for a moment, guys like to see young women on the show, so why not a TALENTED auctioneer. In my opinion the only person that could never truly be replaced is Barry Weiss and his shenanigans.

  • I understand, although disagree, with those that find Laura annoying. However, I do not understand how anyone can find her more annoying than Johan. She is awful. I don’t really care if the Dotsons are replaced but A&E better find someone, anyone, better than Johan. I keep expecting her to jump right into the camera.

    • Kevin: Johan is an auctioneer in California that has accomplished two things no other has before her: 1)Youngest to ever win California Auctioneering Champion title; 2) And only female to ever win. Now that’s saying something. Johan may have been a little green those first few episodes being on camera, but you can expect if she returns, she’ll be more relaxed.

  • I am glad to see Earl and Johann made it to the big time! They did good by me, at the Chino Auction selling my mare for top dollar when other horses went for a few dollars, thank you Earl and Johann! I’ll be watching Storage Wars to see how it’s really done!!

    • Gen H: No official word from A&E who is coming back but keep your fingers crossed as contracts will soon be signed.

  • If Laura is going to provoke people like David into a fight, dump her ass. She trying to be a bully or what. David didn’t do anything wrong. Dump her ass. I’ve heard her husband tell her to calm down in previous episodes. Maybe keep Dan and dump Laura.

  • I don’t like how Laura acts. She acts like she is on drugs or something. I love Dan. He is professional. I didn’t like how Laura treated David. David didn’t do anything. He was just there, wanting to look at the unit and Laura started right in on him. As did Darrell and Brandi. They are just jealous of David. He is a real man. He is a professional. Darrell is gross, disgusting and a pig!

  • Sign the Grahams!!! Johann is hot. Laura is fake and Dan sounds like a flamer liberal at times!!! Sign the cowboy and cowgirl!!!

  • This really sucks the new lady sucks please get Dan and Laura back pronto or I won’t be watching the show any more

  • Keep the Dotsons! Have a little loyality. like Darrell Sheets also. Thought I missed Dave till he was back. No , he’s a jarring personality in a bad way. I may stop watching. I hate when people get cut just to save some money. It usually lowers shows quality.

  • Laura irritates me to no end. She tries to make the show all about herself. She even calls herself the lady. If she’s not constantly smiling with her mouth wide open showing 400 teeth that look like piano keys then she’s just standing there with her mouth wide open. The worst part is the constant yelling for no reason or the wild gesticulations. I love the show but I can barely watch it with her constantly butting in. Dan even chided her in one episode about talking over him. She can make some godawful faces.

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