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Storage Wars Stars Twitter Accounts

Storage Wars Cast

Would you like to know the actual Twitter accounts of your favorite stars on Storage Wars, Storage Wars: Texas, and Storage Wars: New York? Or perhaps you prefer to know the Twitter accounts to the casts of Storage Hunters, Container Wars or Auction Hunters.

Facebook may have the corner market to the social media universe, but TV reality stars love to TWEET to their fans about their latest antics, ventures, and just every day life activities.

Did you know there are a lot of F-A-K-E Twitter star accounts?

Seriously, people portraying themselves as a cast member of a television series, I don’t get it. So, before you “follow” any star from either television or the movies, you must make sure the Twitter account is verified.

Do a Twitter search on “Barry Weiss” and you will see a magnitude of Twitter accounts in his name, but only ONE account is verified as the real star himself – @ItsBarryWeiss.

BrandiPassante-JarrodSchulz-at-the-AlamoDid you know that Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz from Storage Wars visited the Alamo during their summer vacation? Here’s a picture that Brandi tweeted on her Twitter account.

Mike Braiotta from Storage Wars: New York tweeted to his fans, “If u remember a few weeks back I said we were having another little girl? Turns out they were wrong! Another boy will be added to the tribe!!”

Mary Padian from Storage Wars: Texas tweeted, “Thanks for my new hat, bubba!” Of course, she’s spoke to Bubba Smith, one of her co-stars on the show.

Twitter is #3 in social networking but #1 to connect you, a fan to your favorite auction hunter reality TV star.

We have compiled all of the verified accounts we could find by storage auction hunter reality television stars, so what are you waiting for?

Just copy & paste the Twitter account into your Twitter search bar to find the star and “follow.”

Twitter-Logo  Storage Wars

Barry Weiss @ItsBarryWeiss
Jarrod Schulz @Jarrodschulz
Brandi Passante @Brandipassante
Darrell Sheets @DarrellGambler
Brandon Sheets @BrandonSideBet
Dan Dotson @auctionguydan
Laura Dotson @paytheladylaura
Nabila Hannis @NabilaHannis
Ivy Calvin @storagewarsivy
Rene Nezhoda @Rbargainhunters
Casey Nezhoda @Cbargainhunters
Johan Graham @JosPickins
Earl Graham @i15auction


Twitter-Logo  Storage Wars: Texas

Ricky Smith @ricky_stgwrz
Bubba Smith @txstoragebubba
Victor Rjesnjansky @OutsiderVic
Morris "Moe" Prigoff @MoePrigoff
Jenny Grumbles @JennyGrumbles
Mary Padian @MaryPadian
Walt Cade @WaltCade


Twitter-Logo  Storage Wars: New York

Joe Pauletich @JosephPauletich
Mike Braiotta @nystorageking
Courtney Wagner @WaggleNYC
Candy Olsen @candyleacane
Tad Eaton @tadeaton
Chris Morelli @thefrayedknot
John Luke @johnlukenyc


Twitter-Logo  Storage Wars: Canada

Don Reinhart @SWCDonReinhart
Ursula Stolf @UrsTheKnockOut
Cindy Hayden and Rick Coffill @TheVeteransx2
Bogart Kenny @thekidbogart


Twitter-Logo  Auction Hunters

Ton Jones @Tonsrescue


Twitter-Logo  Container Wars

Deana Molle @deanamolle
Uzi Baruch @uzisalsit
John Kunkle @unclkunkle
Penny Daily @pennydaily


Twitter-Logo  Storage Hunters

Lori Bernier @lorimarie50
Sean Kelly @SeanKellyComedy
Jesse McClure @StorageHunters
Tarrell “T-Money” Wright @ComedianTMoney


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Brandon Sheets Inspirational Quotes

Brandon Sheets

Brandon Sheets stars on A&E's television reality show Storage Wars. He may came off on the show as a young man with a tough exterior. His Twitter posts however reveals that he is thoughtful, appreciative of his family, and that he doesn't take things for granted.

Whether the inspirational quotes are original or derived from various sources; they bubble with honesty and elevate with thoughtfulness.

1. Nothing ever last, the least I can try is to live it fast.

2. We are always going to work hard what we want, nothing in life or in this world is Free.

3. Be nice to your Haters, they will never understand what you are doing anyways.

4.There are no roads to nowhere. If it is a dead end, you always turn around and go a different direction.

5. No matter what people say, make up your own mind on what’s going on.

6. Don’t steal. The Government hates competition.

7. If you do not stand for something you will fall for anything. Do what you believe and don’t take any crap along the way.

8. Keep everything you want in mind, you will get everything you need in due time.

9. Nothing is free and anything can cost you everything.

10. We all live in the same world, we are just entering the rat race at different paces.

11. Change is good, we learn and grow from it. How can anyone resist change when it is certain anyways.

12.Tomorrow is a new day with something else to learn.

13. Not everything can be what it seems. Make the best of everything and soon nothing will even bother you.

14. Everything happens for a reason, a lesson, purpose… It just happens to be that way.

15. Do what you love to do, you will never work a day in your life.

16. Same say Yes, other say No. I say do it anyway without regrets.

17. Many things through our journey in life will test us, be strong and stand for something you believe. Don’t waste time on people wasting time.

18. It’s good to be different, I don’t want to be just another number.

19. Desperate people will always take desperate measures. We all fight different battles, be kind.

20. Some people are too thoughtless to see the forest for the trees.

21. Good actions lead to a better life, good intentions leave you with a broken heart.

22. The whole reason anything happens is because people say they are gonna do it and keep their faith and pursue it!

23. Be kind to everyone. You never know who you might be talking to.

24. I could not imagine getting everything I want, if I didn't struggle a little for it I am not sure I would appreciate it as much.

25. Don't hate what you don't understand. Hate is spread easier than happiness.

26. If you believe you are worth it than never settle for less or people will just walk all over you. Be what you want and live free.

27. Its good to laugh and smile it makes you feel better.

28. I don't hang around people to try and look cool, I'm just busy being me not a shadow of some thing else.

29. I can do anything anyone else can do. It may not be better but I will practice until I am better. That is the difference!

30. Haters only hate what they do not understand, so keep believing your self and shoot for the Moon. Or whatever makes you happy.

Which quote did you enjoy the most?

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Storage Wars meets Men In Black

Storage Wars Comic

Writer Wes Locher and artist Eduardo Jimenez combined ingenuity began a Kickstarter campaign to fund their sci-fi/comedy comic book series Unit 44, which explorers what happens when inept Area 51 employees who forget to pay rent on the facility’s off-site self-storage unit, and the super-secret contents are sold at public auction.


First issue features Storage Wars auctioneer Dan Dotson.


I contacted the writer Wes Locher to give me a little bit more information about the comic book series Unit 44.

Wes: The first issue was funded last year but the team is back to finish out the series, which will be published this fall by Alterna Comics. The inaugural issue, described as Storage Wars meets Men In Black, featured Dan Dotson of American Auctioneers and Storage Wars as a character.

Here's a little preview:


The creators are seeking $2,400 to fund the remaining issues and have already achieved 63% of their goal. We predict this campaign will have a successful run.

If you are interested in contributing to the campaign, please take a look a their Kickstarter Page. Feel free to preview the first seven pages of UNIT 44 Issue #1.

Wacky. Witty. Whimsical.

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Latest Storage Wars Stars News

Storage Wars Stars

A&E’s original Storage Wars returns June 3rd with back-to-back episodes 9:00-9:30 p.m. Central Time.

Fans want to know – What’s the latest news on the stars of the show? I’ll just toss out some highlights from the past couple of months.

Dan and Laura Dotson auctioned storage units, vaults, and worked charity events week in and week out. Nothing new there as they are one of the hardest working couples on reality TV.


Dotsons had a dog fence built around their property. Need to keep away laura-dotson-plants-veggiesbears and mountainrattlesnake lions, oh my. Take a look at that fantastic view!

Dan said, "Time to get up, drink coffee, hook up auction trailer, kill a rattler & make it to the auction." Say it with me, ew...

Laura, quite the green thumb, planted tomatoes. She also picked fruit. Yes, she’s always smiling, even off camera.

Oh, and their son went to prom – aw.

Jarrod and Brandi were showcased in an A&E spinoff special, Married to the Job.

jarrod-brandi-familyIf you missed the special, here's the summary:

  1. Jarrod celebrated his birthday for an entire month.
  2. Brandi was perturbed the entire month.
  3. Cameron struggled with algebra.
  4. Payton cleaned toilets.

You had to be there. Their Orange County Now and Then thrift store celebrated their fourth year "still in business." Knock on wood.

Jarrod and Brandi also attended the 2014  Billboard Awards.


Darrell suffered a slight injury which stalled his fitness training for a short period of time. Meanwhile, he and his son Brandon stocked the new corporate office.


Rene and Casey attended a Journey's concert.


I bet you’re thinking, “Huh?” Yeah, they don’t seem the rock-n-roll type. Rene.. well, he and Darrell kept true to their rivalry and thwacked each other on Twitter. I won’t even get into who said what to whom.


I lied. I had to show you a little of what you missed if you don't follow Rene and Darrell on Twitter.

Ivy's proclamation: I'm not just the King of Palmdale. I'm the King of Curly Fries... I Rule.

ivy-calvin-curly-friesThat's all the news on the former MMA fighter. He doesn't post much on Twitter.

Time for a special announcement outside of the original cast:

jenny-grumbles-mom-to-beJenny Grumbles from Storage Wars: Texas is PREGNANT! As of May 24th she’s 20 weeks with her first baby. She’s a new wife, new homeowner, and now about to become a new MOM!

Congrats, Jenny!

Stay tuned on A&E channel on June 3rd for season 6 of Storage Wars.

Fired “Storage Wars” star Dave Hester WINS 2nd Round in A&E Lawsuit

Dave Hester

On Tuesday, September 3rd, LA Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson ruled that the former Storage Wars cast member Dave Hester can proceed forward with his wrongful termination lawsuit against A&E Television and Original Productions.


The former ex-villain of the reality television series wins the second round in this now 10-month lawsuit saga against the network.

First round, the former reality star was ordered by the judge to pay $122,692 for A&E’s legal fees for the anti-SLAPP motion he filed against the production company. OUCH! Sure, let him just get out his wallet and pay in tens and twenties, like for the next twenty years.

Second round, A&E’s argument fell flat in the courtroom:

Dave Hester’s lawsuit interferes with creative casting decisions and its exercise of free speech.


The judge emphasized that the dispute between the reality star and the television executives remains as an “employment dispute.” Dave Hester was set to rake in $25,000-per-episode for the 26 episodes of the fourth season of the show before he was fired.

Judge says the argument ignores the fact that Hester doesn't need to "prove" an actual violation to prevail on his wrongful termination claim. Sort of strange considering California is a no-fault state, which means an employer can just fire you in a *snap.*

However, Dave was fired for reporting "reasonably based suspicions."


What were these reasonably based suspicions or illegal conducts by A&E and Original Productions, you ponder?

Dave Hester claims A&E fired him off the show in retaliation just days after he complained about the staged scenes by the executives. Here is how he claims the show was rigged:

  1. Producers planted items inside storage units up for auction to enhance drama for the show.
  2. Which cast member would win a storage unit was predetermined before the show was filmed.
  3. Cast members were told which lockers to bid on, how much to bid, and the production company would then occasionally finance the bids of the weaker cast members.

The judge writes:

"Whether Plaintiff’s suspicions were reasonably based and made in good faith are factual questions that cannot be decided on demurrer." 

Judge also states:

"Plaintiff’s claim for punitive damages contains sufficient factual allegations. Whether or not Plaintiff can prove his allegations is not the function of a motion to strike."

In plain English, A&E cannot have this wrongful termination lawsuit dismissed.

Now Dave Hester is now suing to recover the money he would have made during season four had he not been fired. He seeks $750,000 in general damages and will ask for more in punitive damages against the two production companies. That could add up to millions of dollars! Guess what? The judge isn't ruling it out.

Dave Hester, A&E Television and Original Productions will go to trial.

Who will win the final round?

Please give us your opinions of this ongoing lawsuit in the comment box below.

Storage Wars: Twitter Wars Dave Hester vs. Dan Dotson

dan dotson dave hester

Storage Wars was civil this past season so why the animosity on Twitter? Think about it. Who loved to stir the pot on the show.

Dave Hester

Dave riled Dan Dotson on Twitter after Radar Online leaked that the Dotsons plot to unite all of the cast members of Storage Wars to demand a bigger salary and a piece of the spin-offs money pie; or everyone walks off the show.

Not sure how A&E weighs these threats/rumors when Darrell Sheets, Dan & Laura Dotson may be dropped from the show this coming season.

Not sure Jarrod Schulz or Brandi Passante would jeopardize their standings with A&E now that Barry Weiss has retired.

So why get all fugly on Twitter?

Because they can.


That's the first time I've read that Dave Hester may have recorded a phone conversation with Dan Dotson without Dan's knowledge.

Dave hasn't tweeted since June. The Twitter War is over, for now. What do you think about this Storage Wars Twitter war?

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Barry Weiss Quits Storage Wars

barry weiss

Barry Weiss quits Storage Wars and will not return for season five.

It has not been officially confirmed by A&E but it’s considered a done deal. An insider source reported that Barry secretly taped a farewell episode or speech yet to be aired. He said in the clip,

"It was fun doing this, but I’m out of here."

Unlike the rumors surrounding the possible firing of Darrell Sheets and Dan & Laura Dotson for cheaper talent and franchise expansion, this breaking news about The Collector appears to be true.

The insider source stated Barry Weiss wants to travel more. However, if you think about it, Storage Wars doesn’t film that many episodes per season.

So what’s the real reason behind Barry leaving?

Could it be related to accusations by Dave Hester in a lawsuit against A&E that Storage War is rigged? Insider source stated Barry could care less about any controversy surrounding the show. Insider went on to state that all profitable products found by Barry Weiss inside storage units were planted by the producers.

That's exactly Dave Hester's claim.

The insider source also stated that Barry Weiss doesn’t purchase his lockers but that the production company, Original Productions, buys them for him.

Well that’s convenient, if true, small wonder why Barry doesn’t mind losing money on storage units.

There were rumors that Barry Weiss would star in a spin-off show, "What Are You Worth?" However A&E has not confirmed or denied that rumor either.

Barry Weiss is the most eccentric player on the Storage Wars who shows up to auctions in unique vehicles.

He also lathers each episode with his shenanigans and is considered the most popular cast member and fan favorite.

When Barry leaves that may hurt the show’s ratings which towered at 5.1 million viewers in the second season.


The Collector has not been fired.

Barry Weiss is quitting Storage Wars on his own volition.

The question is "Why?"

Tell us what you think about Barry Weiss leaving the show in the comment box below.

Will Nabila Haniss Join the Cast on Storage Wars as the New Villain?

Nabila Haniss Storage Wars

Nabila Haniss.

She’s not a princess but she’s not the evil queen, either. She slides in and out of that gray area. You like her. You can’t stand her. But make no mistake about it, Nabila knows her stuff.

She’s been in the storage auction business for twenty years. Nabila accomplished one incredible feat that no other Storage Wars cast member has to date – win a locker worth millions.

In 2007 Nabila won a locker for $2,775. The owners of the 6,000 square foot storage unit were none other than Paris and Nicky Hilton.

The socialites rented the locker after their home had been robbed, but then defaulted on the storage unit due to lack of payment. How much did the Paris Hilton owe? Only $208 bucks!

Seriously? Are you kidding me?! The socialites couldn’t find time away from their celebrity parties to pay the pittance for their locker and then blame the moving company.

Once the news traveled that Nabila had scored Paris Hilton’s locker, she was approached by Bardia Persia (fake name) who bought the contents for $10 million!

Oh yeah, Nabila won the lotto locker.

Locker contained Paris Hilton’s private videos, personal photographs, personal diary, and more. Which then begs the question – Hilton girls, why not stash your personal and most private belongings at one of your family’s vacation homes? Doh.

That locker catapulted Nabila into the storage auction stratosphere.

Do you think she’d get lucky twice? I think Nabila has that celebrity locker Midas touch. In 2013 she won a locker for under $3,000 (seems to be a magic number). Storage unit defaulted by Tila Tequila best known for her MTV reality series, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.

Not a million dollar locker, but still a big score for Nabila. She did reach out to the reality star who did not respond. Nabila then proceeded to sell the contents of the locker on eBay. A Louis Vuitton purse, clothes, photos, self-portraits, personal diary (what is with celebrities and personal diaries in storage lockers?), and more.

Nabila may not call the Storage Wars cast “Pukes.” That was Dave Hester’s take on everyone. Nabila instead chooses to describe the cast members as a “traveling circus.”

It’s really hard to argue with her on that assessment.

She’s set to appear on a few episodes of season 5 on Storage Wars, but will she become a permanent cast member on season 6?

She has cash to flash. She has had success. She’s bad-ass.

Do you think she could take on the role as the new villain on Storage Wars?

Dave Hester’s DUI Conviction

Dave Hester DUI

For many fans, Dave Hester was the best part of Storage Wars. From his obvious knowledge about the industry to his infectious catch-phrase, he definitely helped give the show that special “something” that makes it stand out from all the other reality shows. After his recent problems with the show's creators, however, fans are suffering from his absence.

Dave expressed his concerns about the staged aspects of the show, a maneuver that led to his dismissal from the program. That lawsuit is still working itself out, but his sudden absence from the show has led to a lot of wild speculation among fans and tabloids.

One piece of gossip that's been surfacing throughout the web has to do with a Dave Hester arrest for DUI. Unfortunately for the people looking for a juicy scoop, this is hardly fresh news. In fact, his legal history is even posted on the A&E web page because it was an important stepping stone on his current career path.

In 2005, Dave Hester was arrested for DUI. As part of his recovery, he had to do community service – a common punishment for first-time offenders in the area. Instead of picking up trash, however, he was assigned to work in a thrift store. The experience gave him the inspiration to pursue a resale business of his own, and the rest is history.

To date, it appears that no further Dave Hester arrests have been made. Although he's having problems with A&E, he seems to be staying on the right side of the law. And, unlike some of the other rumors flying around the Internet, he's in no danger of going bankrupt any time soon: Between severance pay, a pending lawsuit and a healthy business, Dave continues to be successful even outside the public eye.

Who is Brandi Passante?

Brandi Passante

If you haven't been a long-time fan of Storage Wars, you may not be able to answer the question: “Who is Brandi Passante?” On the other hand, this auction hunter has gained some notoriety recently for something completely unrelated to her show: Pornographic materials on the contentious site AreYouUp. Brandi sued the site creator for the photos and video footage, which she claims to be falsified, and for subsequent behaviors over social media.

This isn't the first time that Brandi Passante has caught unwanted attention on the web. An earlier rumor circulating among the tabloids suggested that she and her long-time boyfriend had a dark history with the law, even going so far as to circulate a supposed mug shot. Of course, any attempts to find reputable sources backing this up quickly reach a dead end.

These stories do raise some interesting questions, though. Who is Brandi Passante, really, and why is a reality TV star getting so much unwanted and unflattering media attention?

In reality, Brandi Passante is no different from any other Storage Wars star. She's the long-time partner of Jarrod Schulz, and the couple own and operate a thrift store in Orange, California. Together, they're called “The Young Guns” on the TV show due to their initial low budgets. After a few seasons of competing with the bigger players, though, they've started to amass wealth, which has helped both of them become household names among reality TV fans.

Storage Wars is an undeniably popular show, and Brandi Passante is often singled out for her attractiveness and shapely physique. It's hard to find search results about her that don't mention some of her better physical “assets,” and these qualities certainly aren't harming the show's ratings. Indeed, her good looks may have something to do with the recent trend of casting attractive young women in reality shows regardless of how realistic their participation may be.