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Fired “Storage Wars” star Dave Hester WINS 2nd Round in A&E Lawsuit

Dave Hester

On Tuesday, September 3rd, LA Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson ruled that the former Storage Wars cast member Dave Hester can proceed forward with his wrongful termination lawsuit against A&E Television and Original Productions.


The former ex-villain of the reality television series wins the second round in this now 10-month lawsuit saga against the network.

First round, the former reality star was ordered by the judge to pay $122,692 for A&E’s legal fees for the anti-SLAPP motion he filed against the production company. OUCH! Sure, let him just get out his wallet and pay in tens and twenties, like for the next twenty years.

Second round, A&E’s argument fell flat in the courtroom:

Dave Hester’s lawsuit interferes with creative casting decisions and its exercise of free speech.


The judge emphasized that the dispute between the reality star and the television executives remains as an “employment dispute.” Dave Hester was set to rake in $25,000-per-episode for the 26 episodes of the fourth season of the show before he was fired.

Judge says the argument ignores the fact that Hester doesn't need to "prove" an actual violation to prevail on his wrongful termination claim. Sort of strange considering California is a no-fault state, which means an employer can just fire you in a *snap.*

However, Dave was fired for reporting "reasonably based suspicions."


What were these reasonably based suspicions or illegal conducts by A&E and Original Productions, you ponder?

Dave Hester claims A&E fired him off the show in retaliation just days after he complained about the staged scenes by the executives. Here is how he claims the show was rigged:

  1. Producers planted items inside storage units up for auction to enhance drama for the show.
  2. Which cast member would win a storage unit was predetermined before the show was filmed.
  3. Cast members were told which lockers to bid on, how much to bid, and the production company would then occasionally finance the bids of the weaker cast members.

The judge writes:

"Whether Plaintiff’s suspicions were reasonably based and made in good faith are factual questions that cannot be decided on demurrer." 

Judge also states:

"Plaintiff’s claim for punitive damages contains sufficient factual allegations. Whether or not Plaintiff can prove his allegations is not the function of a motion to strike."

In plain English, A&E cannot have this wrongful termination lawsuit dismissed.

Now Dave Hester is now suing to recover the money he would have made during season four had he not been fired. He seeks $750,000 in general damages and will ask for more in punitive damages against the two production companies. That could add up to millions of dollars! Guess what? The judge isn't ruling it out.

Dave Hester, A&E Television and Original Productions will go to trial.

Who will win the final round?

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Storage Wars: Dave Hester to Pay $122,692 for A&E’s Legal Fees

Dave Hester

On Friday, July 12, Dave Hester was ordered by a judge to pay $122,692 for A&E’s legal fees for the anti-SLAPP motion he filed against A&E.


He lost BIG but Dave caught a break. The judge questioned the submitted legal fees (money grubbing lawyers) from A&E’s legal team of 8 lawyers and 4 paralegals at whopping $138,194; and from Original Productions 3 lawyers at $43,263.

Total legal fees: $181,457!

Combined legal team incurred 354 hours on the anti-SLAPP motion.

The judge however trimmed A&E’s legal fee amount by 30% and Original Production’s by 40%, but that’s still $122,692 Dave Hester must pay out to A&E’s legal team.

SLAPP stands for "Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation." It’s under the first amendment act of freedom of speech. SLAPP can be a civil complaint or counterclaim filed against individuals or organizations.

Unfortunately Dave’s chance to win an anti-SLAPP motion is slim since these motions are highly unsuccessful in court; however they do well to bring awareness to the public arena.

The disgruntled ex-reality star, fresh from being kicked off the show, revealed in the lawsuit that A&E salted the storage units bought on Storage Wars. In layman’s terms the producers planted “items” in the storage units to generate drama and intrigue to increase ratings and interest.

THAT was the public awareness Hester wanted to come to the fore.

Dave’s stance was that Storage Wars made him look less adept than fellow bidders through “interference and manipulation of the outcomes of the auctions shown.”

Dave Hester then slapped an anti-SLAPP motion against A&E.

He lost.

Judge slapped Dave Hester with a $122,692 legal bill!

But it’s not over.

Dave Hester’s lawsuit is a five-part claim (sort of like a very costly mini-series). Pending lawsuit includes “claims of breach of contract and good faith.” Judge also gave Hester the chance to collect more evidence and re-file his wrongful termination claim.

The Dave Hester vs. A&E lawsuit saga continues…

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Storage Wars: Twitter Wars Dave Hester vs. Dan Dotson

dan dotson dave hester

Storage Wars was civil this past season so why the animosity on Twitter? Think about it. Who loved to stir the pot on the show.

Dave Hester

Dave riled Dan Dotson on Twitter after Radar Online leaked that the Dotsons plot to unite all of the cast members of Storage Wars to demand a bigger salary and a piece of the spin-offs money pie; or everyone walks off the show.

Not sure how A&E weighs these threats/rumors when Darrell Sheets, Dan & Laura Dotson may be dropped from the show this coming season.

Not sure Jarrod Schulz or Brandi Passante would jeopardize their standings with A&E now that Barry Weiss has retired.

So why get all fugly on Twitter?

Because they can.


That's the first time I've read that Dave Hester may have recorded a phone conversation with Dan Dotson without Dan's knowledge.

Dave hasn't tweeted since June. The Twitter War is over, for now. What do you think about this Storage Wars Twitter war?

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Storage Wars IMPLODES A&E with Lawsuits and Rumors

Will Storage Wars be the rise and fall of the A&E Channel?

Lawsuits, rumors, porn, firing, quitting, and a death; with an avalanche of negative publicity and scandals, can the reality series survive another season? Or will their most popular reality television series set A&E ablaze?

The concept to Storage Wars was simple; professional auction hunters gather at an auction to buy storage units. By the second season the show grew so popular it gained 5 million viewers.

With such a simple concept, what was that one catalytic event that threw A&E into a cesspool of controversy?

Dave Hester’s lawsuit against A&E.

Dave Hester sued A&E soon after he was fired. He alleged that the producers of A&E placed items inside storage units after they were bought to create drama to boost ratings for the show.

A&E wasn't smart enough to cover its tracks. There's a paper trail of invoices, checks, emails, and other documentation between the cast and producers for items planted inside the storage units.

A&E continues to deny the "fallacious" allegations arguing that Storage Wars is entirely real and not staged.

Hold that thought.

As of June 26th Barry Weiss, a current cast member and fan favorite, leaked that he would quit the show after season four and not return.

An insider source of Storage Wars stated that Barry’s storage units were also salted by the producers and that every profitable product Barry found on the show was staged.

The rigging controversy of this reality series continues.

A&E has also denied rumors of dropping three cast members from Storage Wars: Darrell Sheets and auctioneers Dan & Laura Dotson.

Yet the three cast members were frozen out of six episodes during season four. Add insult to injury, A&E brought in a younger auctioneer and several new guest buyers for possible replacement of the current cast.


Cheaper talent.

A&E’s expansion of the series is key to these rumors. The network is now filming internationally, Storage Wars: Canada. Another spin-off also in the works, Storage Wars: Miami.

Then there’s Porn.

Though A&E was not involved, one of their stars Brandi Passante sued a website for posting fake sex videos and fake nude photos of her online. She won the lawsuit, but that scandal didn’t do A&E any favors.

Then there’s the suicide of Mark Bolelo.

Mark appeared in several episodes of Storage Wars during season four. Insiders of the show stated Bolelo was frequently high on the set. Two days after his arrest for suspicion of possession of methamphetamine, he was found dead in his car inside a garage. Apparent carbon monoxide poisoning, he was forty-years old.

In poor taste A&E aired the episodes with Mark Bolelo’s guest appearance though he had already passed away.

That too, didn’t do A&E any favors.

The latest rumors are that Dan and Laura Dotson plot to unite the Storage Wars cast to sue A&E to negotiate for more money and for a piece of the profits of the show’s spinoffs. This rumor however was caught on tape. The deal is for the original cast members to become partners or everyone walks off the show.

Will this rally pay off?

What is the future for Storage Wars or for A&E? Could this single series indeed be the rise and fall of A&E?

Let us know what you think about the lawsuits and scandals surrounding Storage Wars in the comment box below.

Barry Weiss Quits Storage Wars

barry weiss

Barry Weiss quits Storage Wars and will not return for season five.

It has not been officially confirmed by A&E but it’s considered a done deal. An insider source reported that Barry secretly taped a farewell episode or speech yet to be aired. He said in the clip,

"It was fun doing this, but I’m out of here."

Unlike the rumors surrounding the possible firing of Darrell Sheets and Dan & Laura Dotson for cheaper talent and franchise expansion, this breaking news about The Collector appears to be true.

The insider source stated Barry Weiss wants to travel more. However, if you think about it, Storage Wars doesn’t film that many episodes per season.

So what’s the real reason behind Barry leaving?

Could it be related to accusations by Dave Hester in a lawsuit against A&E that Storage War is rigged? Insider source stated Barry could care less about any controversy surrounding the show. Insider went on to state that all profitable products found by Barry Weiss inside storage units were planted by the producers.

That's exactly Dave Hester's claim.

The insider source also stated that Barry Weiss doesn’t purchase his lockers but that the production company, Original Productions, buys them for him.

Well that’s convenient, if true, small wonder why Barry doesn’t mind losing money on storage units.

There were rumors that Barry Weiss would star in a spin-off show, "What Are You Worth?" However A&E has not confirmed or denied that rumor either.

Barry Weiss is the most eccentric player on the Storage Wars who shows up to auctions in unique vehicles.

He also lathers each episode with his shenanigans and is considered the most popular cast member and fan favorite.

When Barry leaves that may hurt the show’s ratings which towered at 5.1 million viewers in the second season.


The Collector has not been fired.

Barry Weiss is quitting Storage Wars on his own volition.

The question is "Why?"

Tell us what you think about Barry Weiss leaving the show in the comment box below.

Top 3 Storage Auction Forums

Storage Auction Forum

Storage Auction Forums are not a dime a dozen. In fact, there are only a few which generate huge traffic by the interest of real life auction hunters.

First let me inform you the difference between a Storage Auction Blog and a Storage Auction Forum.

Currently there are many storage auction blogs which spill the latest news and information on storage auctions.

Blogs may also recap your favorite television storage auction reality series.

Most blogs however are either opinions or factual articles written either by the owner of the website; or the owner hires freelance writers to write for the blog.

A forum is a community that contains a list of “categories” in which forum members may create a post or reply to a post within that category.

That’s the difference.

Here are the Top 3 Storage Forum Communities.

#1 Storage Auction Forums

A true blue storage auction community with 42 categories that includes overseas topics for the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Stats currently with 3,016 members with 25,534 posts in 3,348 topics. Of all the forums this makes the top billing because it has the most content.

Most users ever online 586 on March 05, 2013.

Categories include: Noobie Center, Storage Auction Reality Shows, Storage Auction Stories, Treasure Chest, Weird & Wacky Finds, Vehicle Auctions, In the News, Picker’s Find, and much more.

Hottest specific topic currently is “Storage Auction Stories” with 310 topics and 3,932 replies. One topic in this category is “Jackpot in the Safe” with 27,780 views!

#2 Storage Treasures Forum

Pure auction storage chatter with over 60 active categories. Reached 500,000 members in May. They however have only 6,886 posts in the community.

Categories include: Auction Hunters Tips & Tricks, Ask the Experts, Auction Stories, What’s it Worth, Picker’s Corner, Auctioneer’s Podium, Treasure Chest, and much more.

Top tier of the community boards contains a plethora of information, news, stories, and tips.

#3 Auction Zip Forum

They have only 15 categories on their forum with membership at 385,052.  At this writing their stats include 2,421 topics with 19,372 posts.

Categories include: Antiques & Collectibles, Real Estate, Online Bidding, Heavy Equipment, Car Auctions, Farm & Agriculture, Commercial & Business Liquidations, Storage Auctions, Charity, and Appraisals.

Most users ever online were 346 members on April 09, 2010.

Now while they seem to be an auction community for every possible venture, their have only one storage auction category that currently contains 58 topics with 468 posts. I know, you think that’s small beans, but the entire website just hit 1 million unique “views.”

A storage auction post titled, “Few Questions for Experienced Buyers” currently has only 17 replies yet has 9,140 views!

Storage auction forums, unlike blogs, allow the auction hunter to feel a part of a community. While there are other forums online, these Top 3 storage auction forums hold the most information and generate the most traffic.

Remember, in a forum not every member will post a topic or even post a reply. Many members “lurk” to gather information.

Surf through each forum and see which one is best for you, or join them all.

Will Nabila Haniss Join the Cast on Storage Wars as the New Villain?

Nabila Haniss Storage Wars

Nabila Haniss.

She’s not a princess but she’s not the evil queen, either. She slides in and out of that gray area. You like her. You can’t stand her. But make no mistake about it, Nabila knows her stuff.

She’s been in the storage auction business for twenty years. Nabila accomplished one incredible feat that no other Storage Wars cast member has to date – win a locker worth millions.

In 2007 Nabila won a locker for $2,775. The owners of the 6,000 square foot storage unit were none other than Paris and Nicky Hilton.

The socialites rented the locker after their home had been robbed, but then defaulted on the storage unit due to lack of payment. How much did the Paris Hilton owe? Only $208 bucks!

Seriously? Are you kidding me?! The socialites couldn’t find time away from their celebrity parties to pay the pittance for their locker and then blame the moving company.

Once the news traveled that Nabila had scored Paris Hilton’s locker, she was approached by Bardia Persia (fake name) who bought the contents for $10 million!

Oh yeah, Nabila won the lotto locker.

Locker contained Paris Hilton’s private videos, personal photographs, personal diary, and more. Which then begs the question – Hilton girls, why not stash your personal and most private belongings at one of your family’s vacation homes? Doh.

That locker catapulted Nabila into the storage auction stratosphere.

Do you think she’d get lucky twice? I think Nabila has that celebrity locker Midas touch. In 2013 she won a locker for under $3,000 (seems to be a magic number). Storage unit defaulted by Tila Tequila best known for her MTV reality series, A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.

Not a million dollar locker, but still a big score for Nabila. She did reach out to the reality star who did not respond. Nabila then proceeded to sell the contents of the locker on eBay. A Louis Vuitton purse, clothes, photos, self-portraits, personal diary (what is with celebrities and personal diaries in storage lockers?), and more.

Nabila may not call the Storage Wars cast “Pukes.” That was Dave Hester’s take on everyone. Nabila instead chooses to describe the cast members as a “traveling circus.”

It’s really hard to argue with her on that assessment.

She’s set to appear on a few episodes of season 5 on Storage Wars, but will she become a permanent cast member on season 6?

She has cash to flash. She has had success. She’s bad-ass.

Do you think she could take on the role as the new villain on Storage Wars?

Has A&E Replaced the Auctioneers on Storage Wars?

Has A&E replaced the auctioneers on Storage Wars?

Two new auctioneers, Johan Graham and her father Earl Graham, made their first appearance on Storage Wars in the episode, “The Monster Hash” which aired on May 7th. They are set to appear on another episode on May 14th.

Breaking news by Radar Online on May 1st reported that three cast members were dropped from Storage Wars. Cast members specified in the report included Darrell Sheets, and Dan & Laura Dotson the auctioneers.

The report stated the three cast members were frozen out of six episodes from season 5, but it appears the changeover for the new auctioneers is under way on season 4, which is currently airing on A&E.

Dan Dotson's family has a history in the auctioneer business since the 40s. Dan learned how to become an auctioneer at the age of eleven, and worked summers as an auctioneer at the age of sixteen.

He met Laura 1996 and together they work as a team at American Auctioneers. They conduct at least 1,500 auctions a year. A&E took noticed of their success and hired the married couple as auctioneers for Storage Wars.

However, the contracts for Dan and Laura Dotson have not been renewed for season six. According to reports from Radar Online, A&E seeks “cheaper” talent.

That would be Johan Graham and her father Earl. Johan learned how to become an auctioneer from her dad. She's the youngest and only female to become the California State Auctioneers Association champion in 2000. She and her father have 55 years combined in the auctioneer business.

However, both are rookies when it comes to storage auctions, which is the very crux of Storage Wars.

A&E has denied rumors that any cast members have been dropped from the show.

Fan chatter on A&E Storage Wars Facebook page pro for Dan and Laura and con against Johan. But it's early.

Yet, many fans so disappointed in the change out of auctioneers on just one episode, they have stated they will quit watching Storage Wars altogether if A&E drops the Dotsons.

There is still time for Dan and Laura to have their contracts renewed. By having Johan appear in the last episodes of season 4 and most likely on several episodes on season 5, is A&E testing the waters with the fans to see if they will accept the new auctioneers before A&E officially makes any statements who is hired and who is fired?

What do you think of the auctioneer changeover?

Keep the the Dotsons, or sign the Grahams.


Crazy & Creepy Stuff Found Inside Storage Units

Do you watch the news? You may see a lot of crazy stunts people pull or hear creepy stories that make your skin crawl. I have some news for you. What’s crazy and creepy out in the world sometimes is put away inside storage units, which then go up for auction.


Did you read the 2012 story about 97-year old Ann Bunch? Grandma was laid to rest inside a blue coffin, which by the way was stored inside a storage locker for 17 years! Now while this particular unit did not go up for auction, there are stories in which a storage unit contained


Storage Wars star Darrell Sheets found a female human corpse wrapped in plastic inside a locker he bought a time back. Police determined the husband who rented the locker killed his wife then stuffed her inside the unit. Sounds like an episode from C.S.I. If you don’t find a corpse, you may find urns filled with ashes.


If you don’t find a corpse or ashes, you may find photos of dead people. Jarrod and Brandi from Storage Wars stated they uncovered black and white photos dating back to the 1800s. Yes, the people in the photos were deceased surrounded by their families.


Prepare yourself for the creepy-creep-creepiest thing you’ve heard yet. Widely reported back in 2012, a man bought a storage unit for $900. What treasures did he find? Body parts. Human body parts from over 100 people. Limbs, organs, and about ten brains.


Very Frankensteinian. (I think I just threw up in my mouth.) Collect yourself, there’s more creepy and crazy.

A dead mannequin. But a mannequin can’t die, right? Inside a unit up for auction was a female mannequin in the middle of the floor. Mannequin was covered in red paint. Naked. Had multiple stab wounds on the torso.

OH, (bleep)!

What is wrong with people? Wait there’s more. Imagine a bunch of rat traps with tiny dolls pinned on them. Ugh! And about Madonna, the singer.

Oh, we know she's had crazy music videos in the past, but she’s not the problem. Her stalker defaulted on his storage unit. Inside the locker a weird clown mask, a butcher knife, and a headless doll...

I think I’ll skip lunch. I’ve just lost my appetite.

Storage Wars May Cut Three Cast Members For Season 6

Storage Wars, A&E’s most successful reality series to date may cut three of its cast members for season 6, as reported by Radar Online.


It’s unclear.

A&E currently denies these rumors, but all of season’s 5 episodes have been filmed.

Another significant fact is that the contracts for all the current cast members have yet to be renewed.

Storage Wars season 4 is currently airing on A&E.

Darrell Sheets, also known as “The Gambler,” was cut out of six episodes on season 5 which is yet to air. A&E honored his current contract agreement, but then filmed more episodes without him.

Darrell’s pissed to say the least.

Auctioneers and married couple Dan and Laura Dotson are not pleased that they too were cut back on their appearances for the next season.

Any Storage War fan will tell you the married auctioneer pair has become such an intricate part of the show, who could replace them?

Darrell believes A&E cut back on his appearances because of money, but doesn’t everything in Hollywood hinge on money?

Cast members Barry Weiss, Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante are fan favorites. You know A&E will not drop these three cast members from Storage Wars.

Darrell’s fan popularity however may be just a step above Dave Hester, who sued A&E after he was blocked from filming any episodes on season 4 of Storage Wars.

That opened a whole can of worms.

Dave’s lawsuit alleges that A&E approached cast members to rent valuable items then plant them in their lockers. Hester also stated that the producers of the show also salted the storage units to create a bit of sensationalism.

Darrell won’t comment on the allegations of the pending lawsuit against A&E. Neither will the Dan or Laura. There’s still a few months left before the cast's contracts can be renewed.

The future however remains unclear for Darrell, Dan or Laura.

Will A&E drop three cast members from Storage Wars and replace them with cheaper talent?

What do you think?

UPDATE: It appears that A&E is continuing on with Season 4 even though they had new episodes. It may be season 5 in which the three members may be dropped from the series. Status still unknown.

Chatter pro to keep the Dotson on social media sites.